18 Reasons to Read All Nicholas Sparks’ Books

We didn’t have to read THE whole NOTEBOOK (Diário de uma Paixão) to fall in love with it, just a page…

But then we wanted to read many Nicholas Sparks’ books after the first one!

1. It was love AT FIRST SIGHT (À primeira vista):

We just needed to start the first book...

2. Its story is definitely A WALK TO REMEMBER (Um amor para recordar)

Eternalized by his books.

3. And a MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE (Uma carta de amor) can change all the scripts:

By believing on impossible things!

4. Because it gives us THE RESCUE (O resgate) we need from real life...

You just need to open a book on any page!

5. His books are just THE GUARDIAN (O guardião) of our desires...

Our daily little dose of fantasy!

6. Because we had THE WEDDING (O casamento) with one of his books:

When we get so involved that smiled, cried, laughed, cheered…

7. We are THE LUCKY ONEs (Um homem de sorte) for having the opportunity to dive on his books...

And we get lost in so much profundity!

8. We reminded of a book scene when we heard THE LAST SONG (A última música) on the radio...

And our heart was filled with love!

9. His books are a kind of SAFE HAVEN (Um porto seguro) for us

After that (usual) tough day!

10. It just awakens THE BEST OF ME (O melhor de mim), you, us:

When it involves us by the words!

11. It makes us know it will be A lot of BENDs IN THE ROAD (Uma curva na Estrada)

That doesn’t mean we need to stop fighting.

12. At storm NIGHTS (it doesn’t even have to be IN RODANTHE), (Noites de Tormenta) his books are just a perfect pick:

With a lot of food and under the blanket!

13. We have THE LONGEST RIDE (Uma longa jornada) without going out of our bed:

It’s a trip where we imagine the places, characters, scenes…

14. Because he’s a TRUE BELIEVER (O milagre)

Who writes not only with hands, but heart!

15. That’s why I can SEE ME (No seu olhar) through the caracters:

I could understand me better!

16. Read his books were THE best CHOICE (A escolha) we made:

And write them were the best choice Nicholas’ made.

17. He made us wanted to write DEAR JOHN (Querido John) Nicholas Sparks,

We just didn’t know how to thank him for all of that!

Nicholas Charles Sparks – north American writer – 50 years old (Birth: December 31th of 1965)