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#16 Artists That Brazilians Would Love To See At Rock In Rio

One of the best days of this year was the day we received the confirmation that Rock in Rio would happen in September of 2021. And along with that confirmation, come the expectations and speculations about who is going to be in the line-up of the most important music festival in Latin America. We don’t have that many confirmed attractions just yet, but that just means we get to dream a little and talk about artists we’d love to see on those stages. Here’s a few of the artists fans are dying to see in Rio next year.

Lady Gaga

Ever since the cancellation of Lady Gaga’s show in Rock in Rio 2017 due to health issues, her Little Monsters were left devastated (get it?) because it would’ve been her first time on a Brazilian stage since the Born This Way Ball Tour in 2012. Now, three years after that tragic moment, fans are still all over the Rock in Rio socials asking them to bring their Mother Monster to the festival, and I’m sure we can give you a million reasons why she should come.

Queen + Adam Lambert

The absolute living legends of Rock n’ Roll, the ones who helped make the first edition of the festival such a huge success all the way back in 1985 and who are still gathering fans to this day: Queen. This British band made history in its first trip to Brazil during the 80s and had a great – and very emotional – show back in Rock in Rio 2015 as well, and people can’t get enough of them, as has been the case for about six decades now. Their performances are always so powerful they can make the audience feel like we’re “the champions of the world” just for being there every single time. I don’t think we’ll be able to stop the tears as soon as the first notes to “Love Of My Life” start playing, but we all want to see it again on that stage.

5 Seconds of Summer

Definitely a favorite of many, the Aussie quartet was trending on Twitter a few weeks ago in Brazil with “5SOS no RiR” (5SOS on RiR), that’s how much we want them to be in the line-up. Their first time on Rock in Rio was back in 2017 and fans have been dying to see them again ever since. The energy during the whole performance is unmatched even by other 5SOS shows and if you watch any video of them playing at the festival you can hear how much the crowd loves them. And let’s be real, who doesn’t want to see another one of their guitar battles live on stage, maybe this time with a song off of their latest album? This band was made to perform live and we are all waiting anxiously for it, although I will say it’d be a lot easier to wait if Rock in Rio would just confirm their presence.

Harry Styles

It’s no secret that we all adore Mr. Harry Styles and he’s made it clear he loves Brazil as well (remember that tattoo on his thigh?). Then, saying Brazilians would love to see him on the Rock in Rio stages is an understatement. Can you imagine what a version of Kiwi or Watermelon Sugar live at Rock in Rio would look and sound like? I’m sure we would all go crazy if it happened, I mean, who doesn’t want to see Harry’s face when one of the largest crowds in the world sings his lyrics back to him? Can this happen, please?

Little Mix

Mixers everywhere are crazy over their new album, Confetti, there’s no doubt about that. And a new album usually means new live performances from the group, which is making Brazilian fans more and more hopeful about seeing their faves at Rock in Rio, especially after they had to cancel their stop in the festival back in 2019. For now, let us hope we’ll hear them sing some sweet melodies in Rio in a few months.

Charlie Puth

Yes, we know he was just here in 2019, but can you blame us? He’s just that great. Charlie makes crowds go crazy everywhere he goes, and Rock in Rio is no different. If you go to any tweet from the official RiR Twitter account (@rockinrio) asking fans who they’d like to see return, Charlie Puth is one of the top answers, along with Jessie J and Lady Gaga. So, Rock in Rio, please pay some attention to the fans and get Charlie Puth back on your stage.

The Weeknd

Can we all agree that The Weeknd is a powerhouse of talent and needs to show that on the biggest festival in Latin America? Good, now that we’ve established that, we can talk about how fans want him on RiR so badly they’ve basically assembled a task force on Twitter a few months back. And can you blame them? There’s two types of fans who are asking for the Canadian singer to be in Rio next year: the ones who have seen him on Lollapalooza (a festival in São Paulo) in 2017 and are craving more, and those who didn’t get to see him then and really want to now. So far, nothing is confirmed, but we sure hope to see him among the blinding lights on a stage at Rock in Rio.

Cardi B

Cardi B is a queen who needs to be on a Rock in Rio stage as soon as possible, and please let it be next year! We know she loves Brazil (have you seen her Instagram stories playing sertanejo? It’s great!), some even say she’s more Brazilian than a lot of people born here, I think I would agree with that, and that’s why we, as fans, want her to have the full experience of doing a show to one of the rowdiest crowds in the world. And let’s not forget her feat. with Anitta in September. Can you imagine both of them singing together at Rock in Rio? I like it!


Don’t deny it, you were all thinking it! BTS is probably the biggest, most famous K-Pop group today, and a huge favorite amongst Brazilians, so it comes as no surprise that so many Latin American fans would be wanting to see them perform at Rock in Rio. We know their live performances are absolutely exploding with talent and they always deliver great vocals and stunning choreographies, now picture that happening at Rock in Rio with thousands of their fans going nuts in the crowd. Now that’s something I call dynamite!


Can you believe it’s been seven years since the Queen Bey herself set foot on the stage at Rock in Rio? Her fans say it’s about time she comes back, and I completely agree. After all, her show was elected the best of the 2013 edition of the festival – is anyone even surprised? Back then, she not only gave us a killer performance of many of her hits, but she also danced to some Brazilian funk music, and that’s when the crowd went ballistic with excitement, one of the greatest divas on the planet dancing one of our songs, and nailing it? Amazing, stunning, perfect! Everyone was crazy in love with it. All we ask now is: Beyoncé, please come back to Rock in Rio, your Beyhive miss you a lot!


Halsey is many things: amazing singer, fashion icon, political activist, among many others, but one thing she isn’t yet is someone who has performed at Rock in Rio, and I’d say that’s something that needs to change. This woman has so many fans in Brazil who would just love to see her at the festival! She’s done other shows in smaller venues in Rio and in São Paulo, now it’s time to see what happens when all that power is put on one of the biggest stages in the world.

Imagine Dragons

Here’s another band born to play live music. Imagine Dragons has an awesome history playing at festivals all over the world, and their last stop at Rock in Rio in 2019 is probably one of their best so far. We are all missing live music like crazy and I’m a firm believer that the kind of hype we always get from an Imagine Dragons concert is exactly what it would take to make us happy again.

Maroon 5

Maroon 5 has quite the history in Brazilian grounds, they’ve been here five times since 2004, when they weren’t even close to being the global phenomenon they are now. Their last time in the country was at Rock in Rio 2017, when they ended up having two shows – the one that was planned already and one to cover for Lady Gaga when she suddenly had to cancel. They did so well on both shows there’s still people talking about it three years later. It would be sweeter than sugar to have them back in the line-up.


Rock n’ Roll lovers are begging Rock in Rio to bring this iconic Australian band back to the festival. They’ve only been to Brazil three times throughout their career, at the very first edition of Rock in Rio in ‘85 along with Queen and other great acts from the 70s and 80s, in ‘96 during the tour for the album Ballbreaker, and the last time was in 2009, for a single show in São Paulo. It’s been eleven years already and fans are dying to see their idols back in Brazil, especially after we heard they’re dropping a new album at the end of 2020. It’d be awesome to see them singing hits like Highway to Hell on the same stage they helped make famous 35 years ago.

Katy Perry

Miss Perry is beloved by many all over the world, her Katy Kats love her unconditionally and no one can deny she owns every stage she sets foot on. And the Rock in Rio stage is no different, back in 2015 her performance was one of the most powerful of the festival both in 2011 and 2015. Five years after that, we all look forward to the day we’ll see her there again, hopefully that happens soon.

Jessie J

This English pop princess just stopped by Rock in Rio last year, but by now everyone misses her presence. She brings joy to everyone who watches her performances, her killer vocals and the permanent smile on her face carry out into the crowd and makes everyone just so happy to be there. I get chills every time I hear this woman sing live, especially when watching the Rock in Rio performances. People say nobody’s perfect, but Jessie J sure gets pretty close to it.


The article above was edited by Amanda Ardigó.

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