14 Amazing Costumes To Wear At Pororoca Louca

The costume party, Pororoca Louca, is coming! The event is hosted by the athletic from Cásper Líbero University and if you don’t have an idea for a costume, this post can help you.

First, we will show some costumes if you want a solo costume, but of course we will also show costumes if you want to match with your friends.

  1. 1. Cloud

    For this costume you’ll only need paper, scissors and a pencil, then draw the cloud and crop it. You can also use cottom in the top and in the bottom, don't forget you can wear a white tutu.

  2. 2. Dora, the explorer

    Just a pink top, an orange short, a yellow sock and a purple mini bag and you’re ready to go to an adventure just like Dora!

  3. This one is easy and you can wear it alone or with your friends!

  4. 4. Fake News

    A skirt made of newspaper could be just the thing you need for a perfect costume.

  5. 5. Rainbow

    You and your friends could colour the party!

  6. 6. Toy Story's Alien

    A large blue shirt, a big green sock with a green tiara and the result is that you came from another planet!

  7. 7. Frozen/Snow

    One of your friends could be Elsa and the other the snowflakes!

  8. 8. Corote Drink

    If you and your friends like Corote, this could be a fun idea! Make sure you choose your favorite flavour. 

  9. 9. Firefly

    Make sure people think you came straight out of a forest! Use a lot of green in your costume and you will be a perfect fairy.

  10. 10. Lilo and Stitch


  11. 11. Back to the Future

    How do you feel about a little travel to the future?

  12. 13. Riverdale

    Imagine being one of the River Vixens? 

  13. 14. The Sims

    This one is not only funny but also easy! If you want, you can wear just the tiara or do the whole outfit that will be hilarious.

Ready to party?