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Addictive songs. A flashy storyline. Meet Cut. Happy endings. All of these aspects are great features of a romantic comedy. This subgenre, which, in addition to being the best of both worlds: comedy and romance, is very high within the industry (and people’s preference). Thinking about it, Her Campus brought together 2most remarkable romantic comedies of all time.

10 Things I Hate About You

Written by Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith, the film 10 Things I Hate About You was released in 1999 and tells the story of two sisters, of completely opposite tempers, the youngest and most popular, Bianca Stratford (Larisa Oleynik), and the oldest vixen, feisty, Katherine Stratford (Julia Stiles). The movie is inspired by The Taming of the Shrew by author William Shakespeare. The plot gains more vitality when the youngest student, Cameron (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), in love with Bianca (forbidden to date until her older sister dates too), pays Patrick Verona (Heath Ledger) to seduce his future sister-in-law. It is worth mentioning that Joey Donner, is well known for being popular and a womanizer, bet that he would be able to end up with Bianca. The end, although predictable it is very exciting, the movie script is well constructed and holds the attention till the end.

Love, Rosie

Childhood best friends, Alex Stewart (Sam Claffin) and Rosie Dunne (Lily Collins), are the protagonists of this 2014 British-German film directed by Christian Ditter. Early on, both are celebrating Rosie’s 18th birthday, until they kiss, and so drunk, she ends up falling to the floor. The next day, not remembering anything, and ashamed of the situation, she asks Alex to forget everything that had happened at the party. Despite their passion for each other, they decide to go with other partners to the school’s prom. The sequence of disagreements gains more momentum when, after Rosie and Greg (Christian Cooke) leave the party to make love, and Rosie accidentally gets pregnant. With that change of plans, life drags them apart for years, but it doesn’t matter how long they were away from each other they will always “Honestly, truly, completely love one another” . The ending is also cliché, but the plot, with the central idea of separating them all the time, is flashy and captivating.

The Ugly Truth

As a way of exploring the aspect of a that couple that hates each other at the beginning, this one, very present in the genre, the screenwriters Nicole Eastman, Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith, together with the director Robert Luketic, produced the American film released in 2009. The plot begins after the head of Abby Richter (Katherine Heigl), a producer of morning TV programs in California, hired Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler), host of The Ugly Truth, because their TV channel was losing its audience. Disagreements are the main point of the plot. While Abby is romantic and advocates for complex self-help books, Mike is rude, sexist and an “expert” in revealing what – really – attracts men to women. However, it is only when she meets her doctor neighbor and the man of her dreams, Colin (Eric Winter), that they both make a deal: if Mike’s administration for their courtship results in his landing on Colin, proving his theories about relationships, she will happily work with him, but if Mike fails, he agrees to leave the program. It is needless to say who the couple in the story will be.

The Proposal

Hated by all of her co-workers for being strong, tough, incisive and loving to create a climate of terror over her employees, Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock), a Canadian immigrant, discovers that she may face charges of deportation because of her expired visa. Determined to maintain her position as chief executive at a multinational company, Tate convinces her unfortunate assistant, Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds), to temporarily act as her husband. After accepting Andrew’s proposal that he demands to be an editor after his marriage and publish the book he is recommending for her, they travel to Sitka, Alaska, to meet his family in his hometown. Since then, several family confrontations have taken place: the father, Joe, irritated because he believes that his son is using Margaret to ascend in his career, the reencounter between Andrew and his ex (Gertrude) and the family offering them the marriage occurs during their stay. Directed by Anne Fletcher, the American movie was released in 2009. The presence of both Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds contributes to a strong chemistry between the protagonists and an inviting plot.

Lisbela e o Prisioneiro

With a Brazilian production and direction, the film was released in 2003, and essentially presents aspects of northeastern regionalism. The young Lisbela (Débora Falabella), already engaged to another, upon meeting the player Leléu (Selton Mello), this one recently arrived in the city, is enchanted by her and the feeling is mutual. Along with this relationship a love story is born with many pressures from family and society. Besides the hesitations and uncertainties felt by the couple, there is also Frederico Evandro (Marco Nanini), Inaura’s “bully” husband (Virginia Cavendish), who has already been involved with Leléu, and she is known for being charming and seductive. However, in an epic twist, full of bravery and humor, Leléu and Lisbela follow their destiny together.

Friends With Benefits

Launched in 2011, the American production is directed by Will Gluck. It tells the story of Jamie (Mila Kunis), a young recruiter from New York, who convinces a potential client Dylan (Justin Timberlake) to leave his Los Angeles job behind and accept a job in the Big Apple as an editor at GQ magazine. He accepts the proposal and soon the two become good friends. Since they got a lot of intimacy with each other, during a conversation about the lack of sex they are having, after several heartbreaks, Dylan proposes a relationship without charges or commitments, just sex. The conflict begins when the two fall in love with each other, but neither admits.

How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days

With the notorious chemistry between Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson) and Ben Barry (Matthew McConaughey) that unfolds one of the greatest classics of romantic comedy. The feminist and politicized journalist yearns for the opportunity to be able to write articles of her interest, so she starts writing the article ‘How To Lose A Guy In Ten’ Days for Compusure Magazine. Concomitantly, the publicist makes a big bet with his boss: if he makes a woman fall in love with him in 10 days he will be responsible for a competitive ‘diamond campaign’ that belongs to the company. As you can imagine, the two get to know each other under these circumstances, and develop a relationship in which neither of them can end, precisely because of individual interest. Predictably, the two get what they wanted, but realize that they had already fallen in love.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Original from Netflix, the 2018 US teen film, is based on the book of the same name by Jenny Han written in 2014. Lara Jean Condor (Lana Condor), described as shy and with only one friend, writes letters to boys she feels an intense passion before locking the letters in her closet, the last one is dedicated to the current boyfriend of her older sister Margot Condor (Janel Parrish) and her childhood friend, Josh (Israel Broussard). As in most romantic comedies, Lara Jean begins to fake a relationship with the school’s popular guy, Peter Kavinsky, when she finds out that her letters have been sent to all of her ex-crushes. While he is interested in making his ex-girlfriend (ex-best friend and Lara Jean’s nemesis) Gen jealous, Lara intends to keep his distance from Josh, who also received the letter.

Pretty Woman

After completing 30 years of launch, it remains a reference when it comes to romantic comedies. Pretty Woman tells the story of a renowned businessman, Edward Lewis, who is portrayed in the film for not being able to maintain a good relationship for a long time (including, the plot begins with a call from his, until then, girlfriend breaking up with him). After getting lost in the city’s red light district, he meets a prostitute Vivian Ward, who helps him get to the hotel where he is staying (demonstrating his knowledge of the driven car). Soon after, the corporate attacker offers three thousand dollars to stay with him for the next six days, in exchange she must pretend to be his girlfriend. And it is at the moment when she accepts this proposal that the plot gains greater vitality, from that, the bond between the two gains more and more strength. And, among so many divergences present in these two protagonists, that love arises. That fact is clear when Vivian, who did not kiss her clients on the lips, breaks this protocol. The plot is engaging, as director Garry Marshall, manages to explore these particularities of those involved well. Apart from that, there are the presence of two big names in American cinema: Julia Roberts, and Richard Gere, with the main roles. Both, responsible for a perceptible chemistry that holds attention.

S.O.S Mulheres ao Mar

A brazilian movie, launched in 2013, and directed by Cris d’Amato, S.O.S Mulheres ao Mar is based on Adriana (Giovanna Antonelli), who with the desire to regain the love of her ex-husband, Eduardo (Marcelo Airoldi), embarks on a cruise. The problem is that he is already engaged to a famous TV actress. So, as a way to get support, she decides to take her sister Luiza (Fabíula Nascimento) and her employee Dialinda (Thalita Carauta) to ruin the trip of her former boyfriend. Encouraged by the book ‘S.O.S – Saving a Dream’ Within this context of many intrigues and embarrassing situations, the real “charming prince” is presented: André (Reynaldo Gianecchini). However, at first, Adriana was sure that he was gay. She only realizes she is wrong after they form a couple (performed as a way to jealous the ex). Although it is not such a strong story, the performance of Giovanna Antonelli and Reynaldo Gianecchini captivates, as well as the essential humor of the story.

Just Go With It

Launched in 2011, by the director Dennis Dugan, it tells the story of Danny (Adam Sandler), who, after find out numerous betrayals by his fiancée on his wedding day, discovers that, a wedding ring and a sad story are the perfect allies to win over girls. So, after a few years, the plastic surgeon meets Palmer (Brooklyn Decker) at a party, without his false wedding ring, and they relate. However, she finds the ring the day after, and thinks that she was involved in adultery. The exit seen by Danny will be to pretend that he is divorcing his wife, and proposes the role to his assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston), who will involve his own children in the staging. The plot includes a trip to Hawaii with all the characters, and in it, the farce becomes real. The surgeon and Katherine fall in love.

Crazy Rich Asians

The story is based on Kevin Kwan’s 2013 novel with the same name. And it was released in 2018, with Jon M. Chu direction. It was the first film produced by Hollywood to have as its main cast, actors of Asian origin, and because of this, and among other factors, critics consider the film as the best result of a romantic comedy in three years. Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) is an economics professor in the USA and has been dating Nick Young (Henry Golding) for some time. When Nick invites Rachel to his best friend’s wedding in Singapore, he forgets to tell his girlfriend that, as heir to a fortune, he is one of the most eligible bachelors in the place, putting Rachel in the crosshairs of other candidates and Nick’s mother as well, who disapproves of dating.


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