10 Travel Tattoos to Inspire Your Wanderlust Soul

Travel and tattoos are two of the greatest passions that move the lives of many people around the world. But when we get these two things together, they are no longer just passions to become a lifestyle. If you are one of those people who is moved by knowing different places and loves to register this on the skin, don‘t miss this selection of 10 ideas of travel tattoos to get inspired.

1. Beach Symbols

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For those who like the unique energy the sea provides and have beaches as their favorite destinations, what is worthwhile is to invest in drawings of typical elements such as a waves, coconuts and shells. They are super delicate tattoos that match almost any part of the body!

2. Means of transportation

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A simple and practical way of showing everyone the passion for the road is by drawing a typical mean of transportation for those who are going to travel. The tattoo in this most common style is that of airplanes, but you can choose the design that best represents and pleases you, like a paper airplane, a bus, a car, or a balloon, for example.

3. Suitcase

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Those who travel a lot are always packed, right? So there is nothing more typical and demonstrative to represent this lifestyle than a tattoo of a suitcase. It has all kinds, from the smallest and most delicate to the most messy ones.

4. World map or globe

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If your passion for travel is not restricted to a country or a destination type (such as beaches, for example) but spreads around the world, what is worthwhile is the drawing of the world map or globe terrestrial A good tip for these tattoos is to make a mark on every destination you know.

5. Rose of the Winds

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If you are one of those people that goes where the wind takes you and loves to know from the most refined place to the simplest, a perfect tattoo to represent not only your love of travel, but also your free spirit, is the rose of the winds. They match a lot with the watercolor tattoos styles!

6. Compass

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This is one of the classics! After all, compasses exist long before the GPS and, always accompany the human being in his greatest adventures and journeys, whether on land or at sea.

7. Geographical coordinates

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This type of tattoo is probably the most personal. The geographical coordinates chosen to be tattooed can represent our favorite places or our most memorable adventures. It will be hard to choose!

8. Tourist symbols

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An incredible way to represent your traveling spirit is with skyline tattoos from some of the world's most famous cities with their major sights. The Eiffel Tower, the London clocks, Statue of Liberty, Christ the Redeemer... Just choose your favorite place or, better yet, merge them all!

9. Wanderlust

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In Germany, it’s common to find words that represent very specific feelings, and we do not find exact translation into other languages. "Wanderlust" is one of them. This word can be translated as an intrinsic and deep desire to travel. Touching, right? And perfect for anyone who is a backpacker born.

10. GO

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To finish our selection, nothing better than a simple and short word, but with an immense meaning: GO! Just go travel and enjoy all the beauty and culture that this world has to offer.

You can also merge these ideas together or with other symbols forming larger and full of meaning tattoos. Globe with plane, balloon with map of world, suitcase with photographic cameras. Anyway, there is a lot of ideas! But what about you? Don‘t forget to tell us your favorite!