10 Romantic Movies To Watch On Valentine's Day

On Valentine’s Day, nothing better than a romance with hot chocolate, popcorn, a duvet and a good movie marathon on Netflix.

Check out the top 10 romantic movies to watch with your boy or girl on this June 12 that fits more with you guys type of couple! For couples that love a good comedy, old films, film with music, foreign film and for couples that love original Netflix’s films: we have tips for all of you! Keep reading! 

  1. 1. Love, Rosie (2014)

    With Lily Collins and San Claflin

    After many comings and goings over the years, Rosie and Alex, friends since the age of 5, follow different paths; but the destiny has been able to show them that they have been closer than ever before, even if love, life, and right choices try to make them their worst enemies.

  2. 2. Serendipity (2001)

    With John Cusack, Kate Beckinsale and Jeremy Piven

    After a casual meeting, two strangers married with other people realize that a heavy chemistry rolls between them. Years after this meeting, they want to meet again to make up for the lost time they had with the wrong person.

  3. 3. Friends With Benefits (2011)

    With Mila Kunis, Justin Timberlake and Patricia Clarkson

    Two executive friends, single and very busy, try to go one step closer in friendship; including casual sex without any commitment. Is it possible that they don’t fall in love?

  4. 4. What Dreams May Come (1998)

    With Robin Williams

    The late doctor Chris Nielsen died in a car accident and goes to heaven. Later, his widow Annie commits suicide by not overcoming the loss and go to hell. Chris risk his life going out of Paradise to save his wife from hell. How far love beyond life can go?

  5. 5. Pretty Woman (1990)

    With Richard Gere and Julia Roberts

    A serious tycoon needs an escort for some social events. So, he hire a good-humored Hollywood prostitute to be hist partner but… Just to fall in love.

  6. 6. 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

    With Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    In Shakespeare's original adaptation of "The Taming of the Shrew," which of the two sisters will be able to get a pair? The pretty and popular or the older and grumpy?

  7. 7. Mamma Mia (2008)

    With Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan and Amanda Seyfried

    On the Greek island of Kalokairi, Donna's daughter will marry, but she doesn’t have a father to take her to the altar. So, Sophie finds her mother's diary and invites her three ex-lovers who may be her possible father. What is the purpose of this musical story in the context of ABBA group songs?

  8. 8. Corazón de León (2013)

    With Guillermo Francella, Julieta Díaz and Mauricio Dayub

    He is everything that she has ever dreamed of, but a little different than she imagined him to be. What is the size of your love?

  9. 9. Just Go With It (2011)

    With Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston and Brooklyn Decker

    Plastic Surgeon Danny, on a weekend trip to Hawaii with an incredible woman he met, convinces his faithful assistant to pretend to be his ex-wife; all to prove to his girlfriend that he is an amazing family father.

  10. 10. Set It Up (2018)

    With Zoey Deutch, Glen Powell and Lucy Liu

    Two assistants try to play the cupids of their bosses, wanting to come up with a plan for workaholics to fall in love. Use the informations they know to do this wouldn’t be wrong ... or would it?




If you liked this top 10 and want to see more films on Netflix for this romantic day, follow this list with some other ones.

  • Amélie (2001)

With Audrey Tautou, Mathieu Kassovitz and Rufus

  • The Holiday (2006)

With Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz and Jude Law

  • Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011)

With Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Julianne Moore

  • Knocked Up (2007)

With Seth Rogen, Katherine Heigl and Paul Rudd

  • The Tourist (2010)

With Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie and Paul Bettany

  • My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997)

With Julia Roberts, Dermot Mulroney and Cameron Diaz

  • The Last Song (2010)

With Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth and Greg Kinnear

  • Dear John (2010)

With Channing Tatum, Amanda Seyfried and Richard Jenkins