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10 Reasons to Watch Las Chicas del Cable

*This article is a collaboration between Alana Claro (Her Campus Cásper Líbero) and Ashley M. Ortiz (Her Campus UPRM)

Who knew the story of four female telephone operators in 1930’s Spain could be so interesting? In Las Chicas del Cable (Cable Girls, in English), Netflix introduces its spectators to Alba (also known as Lydia), Carlota, Angeles and Marga, four women with very different backgrounds, but united by their desire for freedom and independence.

On one hand, there is Alba, a prostitute, and thief, who was incriminated for killing her best friend and has to steal a safe in Madrid’s telephone company to prevent being imprisoned. There is also Carlota, a girl from a wealthy family, who wishes to get away from her authoritative father. Meanwhile, Marga is a naive country girl, who just arrived in Madrid and dreams on finding love. And finally, there is Angeles, a hardworking mother, with an abusive and violent husband.

Each of the four women has their own issues and romantic interests, but their friendship as work colleagues in Madrid’s telephone company ties the show’s narrative together. Here are ten reasons why Las Chicas Del Cable is a great show for you to binge-watch as soon as possible.

  1. Strong female characters

All the four protagonists have their own storyline, issues, and romantic interests, but deal with it in different ways. Their characters are strong, fierce and grow a lot in the short time span season 1 presents. Carlota discovers herself as a bi-sexual woman and rebels against her father’s wishes; Marga finally opens up to Pablo, the administration guy, who she secretly has a crush on; Angeles stands up against her violent husband and tries to escape and Alba gets sidetracked by her own feelings for Carlos.

  1. Feminist claims and protests

One of the Telephone company coordinators, Sara is a feminist activist and spokesperson for the Female Liberation movement in Spain. During the show we follow Carlota, a once spoiled and rebellious rich young woman, attending meetings and lectures about feminist claims with Sara, and experiencing the police’s reprehension.

  1. Not your regular US-Centered TV Show

Las Chicas del Cable is totally different from regular US TV Shows, as it is set in Spain in 1920’s. In fact, in the past years, Netflix has been successfully presenting its audience with TV Shows from other locations and nationalities. Narcos, set in Colombia, is a great example of this venture.

  1. Incredibly well written

The show has its own narrator, Alba Romero, who similarly to Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City fill the spectator with the setting, context, and details of the storyline.

  1. Soundtrack

Different from what you might expect, the TV Show uses current music to fill its scenes and the songs are incredible and get stuck in your head for days.

You can find the complete soundtrack for Season 1 in Spotify. 


  1. Great, creative dialogue between the characters

Something very distinct in Netflix Original Series is their dialogues and this one is no exception. What is best is that each episode, at its start and end, provides a slight life lesson (thanks to Lidia/Alba’s character) you probably didn’t’t think you need.

  1. Accurate representation of 1920’s societal culture

As mentioned before, feminism is very present in this series. What is frustrating, but likable, is how accurately they represented the patriarchal society people used to live in during that time. What is sad is that some of those attitudes can still be found today, almost 100 years later.

  1. The historically-accurate wardrobe

Netflix does it again! For Las Chicas del Cable they have an amazing Costume Designing team because all of the wardrobe is historically accurate, but gorgeous too. While watching you might catch yourself desiring Lidia’s evening dress or even their telephone operator uniform at one point. The show is a great place to draw inspiration from if you ever go to a 1920’s costume party.

  1. Friendships

Aside from the feminism and other topics this show brings to light there is also the topic of friendship. These women all come together at the end to help one another – against anyone and everyone. It’s amazing how they help each other through tough times, no matter what each of them did in the past. That trait is something we, as women, need to strive for unity.

  1. Catch-up

Season 2 is coming out on December 25th (Christmas!). This next season promises a lot of unanswered questions, more amazing wardrobe and tremendous dialogue. Therefore, you have approximately a month – or less – to catch up on this jewel provided by Netflix.

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