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Starting in 2020, Julia Quinn’s period romance book series got an eight-season adaptation on Netflix. Bridgerton tells the story of the Bridgerton family, set in the early 1800s (1813-1827). The family includes the widow Violet and her eight kids – Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory, and Hyacinth (yep, they’re named alphabetically).

One of the coolest things about the series is that each season focuses on a different Bridgerton sibling. They’re supposed to follow the order of the books (which I’ll list below), but so far, we’ve only seen the seasons of Daphne, Anthony, and Colin. Interestingly enough, they skipped Anthony’s story in the show’s timeline.

Here’s the rundown of the books:

  • The Duke and I (2000, Daphne’s story)
  • The Viscount Who Loved Me (2000, Anthony’s story)
  • An Offer From a Gentleman (2001, Benedict’s story)
  • Romancing Mr. Bridgerton (2002, Colin’s story)
  • To Sir Phillip, With Love (2003, Eloise’s story)
  • When He Was Wicked (2004, Francesca’s story)
  • It’s In His Kiss (2005, Hyacinth’s story)
  • On the Way to the Wedding (2006, Gregory’s story)

Another unique twist in “Bridgerton” is its use of modern music in a 19th-century setting. Chris Van Dusen, the show’s creator, told Oprah Magazine he wanted to make something different from other period dramas. This creative choice paid off – the second season even got Kris Bowers, who turned pop and rock songs into classical pieces for the show, a Grammy nomination for Best Score Soundtrack.

Now, let’s get to what brought you here! I’ve picked out ten modern songs that played in Bridgerton that you probably didn’t notice (warning: possible spoilers ahead):

‘Girls Like You’ – Marron 5 – first season
‘Wildest Dreams’ – Taylor Swift – first season
‘Love Yourself’ – Surfjan Stevens – first season
‘Stay Away’ – Nirvana – first season
‘Sign Of The Times’ – Harry Styles – second season
‘Wrecking Ball’ – Miley Cyrus – second season
‘Jealous’ – Nick Jonas – third season
‘Happier Than Ever’ – Billie Eilish – third season
‘Snow On The Beach’ – Taylor Swift – third season
‘Give Me Everything’ – Pitbull – third season

So, Bridgerton is that kind of show where you can watch and feel like you’re at a fancy old-time ball, just waiting for your Viscount or Duke to ask you to dance, and then you’ll live happily ever after! I recommend having some tissues nearby – you’d definitely need them, just like I did.


The article above was edited by Clarissa Palácio.

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