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Many women can turn into inspiration for others and, thinking about that, why not to get to know more about the female artists that changed Brazilian music for good? Check out 10 Brazilian singers who marked our musical scenario: 

1. Elis Regina

 Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Considered by many the greatest Brazilian singer of all times, Elis certainly made – and continues to make – history. As an exceptional artist, she went through many genres of Brazilian music, from MPB, to bossa nova, samba, rock and jazz.

She has left a legacy of composed songs of great renown, such as Falso Brilhante and Transversal do Tempo hits. Her life and career can be seen in the biographical work of Hugo Prata, interpreted by Andreia Horta.

2. Rita Lee 

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons 

A timeless icon of Brazilian rock, Rita Lee has a special place in the Brazilian music scenario. The flaming redhead has deservedly earned the title of “Queen of Brazilian Rock”, and among some of her hits are the songs: Ovelha Negra, Mania de Você and Lança Perfume. Rita always composed her songs with tones of an acid irony or with a claim of female independence.

3. Elza Soares 

Image Source: Press Agency

Black, born in one of Rio de Janeiro’s many favelas, mother at age 13. Elza Soares comes from a difficult trajectory, but also from an unquestionable talent. As a result of that, in 1999, Elza was elected by BBC Radio London as the Brazilian singer of the millennium. She had countless songs at the top of the charts in Brazil throughout her career, such as: Se Acaso Você Chegasse (1960), Boato (1961), Cadeira Vazia (1961), Só Danço Samba (1963), Mulata Assanhada (1965) and Aquarela Brasileira (1974).

4. Maria Bethânia  

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons 

Maria Bethânia, who began her artistic career on theater plays, certainly has her place guaranteed among the best of Brazilian music. With over 26 million records sold over more than 50 years of career, Bethânia was also elected in 2012, by Rolling Stone Brazil, as the fifth best voice of Brazilian music.

5. Anitta

Image Source: Instagram/@Anitta

The biggest phenomenon of Brazilian pop in recent times, Anitta already has her mark in the national and international music scene. She was the first Brazilian to take the international award MTV EMA Worldwide Act Latin America. Anitta already collects a platinum disc and numerous collaborations with national and international artists, while being one of the most popular channels in YouTube.

6. Marisa Monte

Image Source: Flickr/Marisa Monte/Leonardo Aversa

Marisa Monte is an unmistakable icon of MPB, and with more than 10 million albums sold, she has for her collection countless national and international awards, including four Latin Grammys. Marisa is considered by Rolling Stone America magazine the fourth best singer in Brazil, behind only Elis Regina, Gal Costa and Maria Bethânia.

7. Karol Conká

Image Source: Youtube

Black, rapper, from a humble family, bisexual and feminist. Karol LOVES to break paradigms. Known for her songs that exalt the strength of women in society, in 2013, Karol received her first statuette in the category Artist Revelation, at the Multishow Award for Brazilian Music. And with the release of the song Tombei with the group Tropkillaz, in 2015, she returned to the awards, winning the category New Song.

8. Marília Mendonça

Image Source: Press Agency

Icon of the Brazilian female sertanejo, Marília collects countless songs of great success. In July 2017, she won the position of most heard Brazilian artist on YouTube. Marília ranked 13th in the world, surpassing artists like Adele, Ariana Grande, Shakira and Taylor Swift. Soon after, in September 2017, the singer surpassed three billion views on her official channel, being the first Brazilian to win the number in less than two years.

9. Pitty 

Image Source: Press Agency

Pitty, who is also considered one of the greatest representatives of Brazilian rock, has more than fifteen million copies sold in her career, being in one of the rock bands that sold the most in the 2000s. In addition, with an assumed feminist militant stance, Pitty certainly has its place guaranteed within the Brazilian musical scenario.

10. Cássia Eller

Image Source: Youtube

Last but certainly not least, one of the greatest voices, and representatives of the Brazilian 90s rock. Cassia was elected the 18th greatest voice and 40th greatest artist of Brazilian music by Rolling Stone Brazil, and her talent and charisma are undeniable. She, who came to work as a bricklayer when she was young, has built a career in music, and carries with her a legacy of twelve years shining in the music scene.

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