10 Documentaries Available on Netflix That You Should Watch

Almost everyday, Netflix includes in its catalog more and more films that can make you cry, have fun, think and transform the way you see things. Thinking about that, we put together a list with some documentaries about several subjects that you can not miss.

Documentaries available on Netflix 

#1 Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

The film criticizes the culture of the consumption and make us think about our priorities in life, starting from what we analyze in the daily life of Joshua and Ryan. Both were executives and had a lot of money and prestige in their professional lives, when ended up discovering that happiness can be found not where society imposes.

#2 She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry

The documentary of 2014 presents the women's bravery that began the feminist movement in USA, in the decade of 1960. In the film, the difficulties of a woman's life are portrayed, showing that, nowadays, the differentiation for gender continues and that it’s still a necessary discussion.

#3 Blackfish

The film proposes a discussion about the treatment of whales that live in captivity in aquatic parks, like the Sea World. It presents the event in which the coach Dawn Brancheau was murdered by the whale Tilikum – with whom she presented a show – and the perception that animal prison for entertainment is "cool” is modified.

#4 The Propaganda Game

When visiting North Korea, the film director accomplishes a research about manipulation of information. The documentary surprises for the amount of scenes recorded with exclusivity and for the statements obtained, that try to explain the logic of propaganda in a socialist country.

#5 13th

The documentary talks about racism in the USA and shows how the current prison system has deep relationships with slavery. The Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which freed the slaves and prohibited slavery, with the exception of slavery as punishment for a crime.

#6 Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons

Investigative journalists become voluntary detainees in the most dangerous prisons of the world to show the daily routine of guards and criminals that struggle for the survival.

#7 Human

The film make us contemplate on what we want for our. The director traveled the world trying to understand the human essence and found answers in two thousand people’s stories.

#8 The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

For those who like architecture and decoration, this film is perfect. The architect Piers Taylor and the actress Caroline Quentin travel around the world to get to know houses that are not really common.

#9 Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

The show is a follow-up to the 1980’ television series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, which was presented by Carl Sagan on the Public Broadcasting Service. The documentary presents simple explanations for the laws of the nature, space and time.

#10 The Hunting Ground 

The film happens inside USA’ universities and shows an invisible war: the constant cases of rape and the efforts of the institutions’ employees to hide those cases.