10 Costume Ideas To Enjoy The Street Carnival In São Paulo

One of the most waited events of the year for Brazilians, Carnival is finally here. Basically defined by music, friends and A LOT of glitter, the big party is also known for having fun costumes. However, finding the perfect outfit can be tricky if you decided to enjoy the party in the last minute.

That's why us from Her Campus are here to help!

Here are some cute and easy DIY costumes for the perfect Carnival in São Paulo (and some expert tips so you can have the time of your life)!

1. Flamingo 

Image Source: @emporiomariafuaa/@pixuriba 

Being the go-to cute animal this year, this easy flamingo costume is composed of a pink/black top, pink tutu and pink fake-feathers (and of course: PINK GLITTER)

Pro-tip: if you’re planning on covering yourself up in glitter, try the biodegradable version of it! This way you can shine without harming the planet!

2. Flower

Image Source: @modaparasereia

This costume can either be a single outfit or a squad one! You can rock a sunflower-decorated tutu while your best friend can be a rose or a daisy by simply buying fake flowers in your local store and gluing it on a tiara or even on a crop top.

3. Angel

Image Source: @luz_cam_sertao

Want to dress yourself as the angel you are? This is the perfect opportunity! You’ll only need a white top, a white tutu and an angel-like headband (you can easily find in any costume store).

4. Devil

Image Source: @vivi

You prefer something a little naughtier? We got you. This simple yet cute costume can make you look more like a goddess rather than the devil itself. You’ll only need a black outfit and devil horns (that can be either DIY or store-bought).

Pro-tip: you and your BFF can kill it matching as angel AND devil!

5. Unicorn

Image Source: @dorothy_ntz

This costume is perfect if you’re looking for a trendy one. Aren’t unicorns the cutest things ever? You can easily do the horn at home with some cardboard and, of course, glitter!

6. Your zodiac sign 

Image Source: @carolburgo

One of the most simple and unique costumes you can find. You can pick whatever outfit you want and just focus it all on the make-up!

7. Sun, Moon or Rainbow

Image Source: @serenadamatta/@carnahrio

This is the ideal squad outfit. You can pick the clothes so you all can match. You can easily make the headbands at home with some paper and wire. The more glittery the better!

8. Mermaid

Image Source: @fashiondesejo

Another popular costume, this is the one if you like being extra. You can rock a simple tutu and a bikini top or you can buy a mermaid tale and shell bra!

Pro-tip: if you want to be a full-on mermaid, you can get a fish scale vibe by putting eyeshadow (or glitter) on your face with the help of your fishnets.

9. Lifeguard

Image Source: @corcinoduda

Want to look good but doesn’t want to show too much? It’s alright. This outfit requires only a white top and some red shorts. Simple yet effective!

Pro-tip: by applying that thick sunscreen on your nose and cheeks, you are not only adding on to the costume, but you are protecting your skin from the hot sun as well!

10. BE YOU!

Image Source: @oguime_

We know that Carnival is the perfect opportunity for you to wear that cute costume. However, it is also alright if you don't choose a cute costume (as long as you have glitter on your face, you’re good to go!). After all, Carnival is about enjoying life, music and friends!

Pro-tip: Religions and ethnicities are NOT costumes, you don’t need to stereotype another culture for you to have fun. Be creative but be wise!

We hope you have liked it and enjoy your carnival!