10 Accounts To Follow On Instagram And Learn More About Feminism

The social media is one of the biggest symbols of modernity and, despite receiving criticism, it’s a space with freedom of speech and a place where minorities who never had the chance to speak can have their voices heard.

As Instagram has thousands of accounts made by and for social movements’ allies, including feminism, we selected 10 wonderful accounts for you to follow and learn more about feminism it:

1. @Honeiee

Image Source: Instagram/Honeiee

The artist Harmonia Rosales became known on IG because she replaces white men for black women on old famous paintings. Her art is not only beautiful, but also an expression of female and black empowerment, one of the artist inspirations. “We need powerful images to our young people to see. I want my daughter to grow up proud of her curls and coils, her brown skin, and for her to identify as a woman of color, a woman of value", she reasoned.

2. @Empodereduasmulheres

Image Source: Instagram/EmpodereDuasMulheres

One of the most famous Brazilian pages about feminism shares inspirational phrases, memes, arts and news for its audience. It's a great page to have a laugh, be informed and learn more about women accomplishments and defeats. The account has more than 500K followers and is a significant place of celebrations and complaints.

3. @QGFeminista

Image Source: Instagram/QGFeminista

The nicest thing about this profile is that it is a digital magazine with original content. The image above, for example, refers to a series of former porn actresses’ interviews who speak about their suffering during filming the movies, including rapes, vomits, violence, bruises and even visits to the hospital. In addition to the magazine, the IG page shows several images, news and phrases that bring a great and relevant discussion about feminism - especially radfem - and women empowerment.

4. @Thefemalehustlers

Image Source: Instagram/TheFemaleHustlers

In Hustler style, this IG posts quotes to encourage women to be strong and financially independent, accepting themselves the way they are – the main message is that women do not need a husband to be happy and that self-love is essential. Their motto is “conquer your own money, invest in and take care of yourself and be happy”. Daily empowerment doses with short but powerful sentences.

5. @Deixaelatrabalhar

Image Source: Instagram/DeixaElaTrabalhar              

This page and the hashtag #DeixaElaTrabalhar (#LetHerWork) were created by Brazilian female journalists who work with sports as a protest against the huge harassment they suffer in this area, in which men are the majority. This IG shows videos of female sports journalists that have been disrespected and having their work hinder in stadiums or wherever they are. This hashtag and its meaning are spreading around the world as an incentive for journalists not to give up on their professional lives.

6. @Alexandrismos

Image Source: Instagram/Alexandrismos

Alexandra Gurgel is a writer of the book “Pare De Se Odiar: Porque Amar O Próprio Corpo É Um Ato Revolucionário” (Stop Hating Yourself: Because Love Your Own Body It’s A Revolutionary Act, in free translation) and a youtuber who talks about body positivity, fat-shaming and feminism.

On social media, she shares pictures and phrases about self-love and how she sees herself as a beautiful, fat woman, thanks to feminism. In the description of the photo above, she celebrates the freedom to be herself without having to change to please someone and to be accepted.

7. @Asminanahistoria

Image Source: Instagram/AsMinaNaHistória

This page talks about women who were historically important, but did not receive the attention they deserved or were already forgotten. This IG allows us to learn the other side of the history, with several incredible women, whom we wish we had known before. After all, the world’s history is also made by women and we can realize this by following this page.

8. @Elassemfronteiras

Image Source: Instagram/ElasSemFronteiras

In this website, it’s possible to find declarations and interviews of women regarding important and though moments like breast cancer and giving birth, as well as daily life situations like fashion and travel. On social media, we can understand what the website is about and find out drawings, phrases and videos that propose good discussions about feminist topics, such as the hardness of being a woman.

The image above refers to a woman who had a humanized childbirth. “Giving birth it’s not easy, we get scared. We want to give up and cry and feel a lot of pain. But it's still a pleasure”, reasons Larissa Reis, one of this IG followers.

9. @Ilustragabs

Image Source: Instagram/IlustraGabs

This Instagram shares beautiful and powerful illustrations and phrases - those that make us want to save and use them as wallpaper. With almost 100K followers, the main message of this page is self-love, women empowerment and self-help. Among the drawings and quotes we can find references from movies, TV shows, singers and actresses such as Cher, Mean Girls, Grey's Anatomy and Viola Davis.

10. @Tech.Ladies

Image Source: Instagram/Tech.Ladies

Tech Ladies is a community with more than 50K women working with technology, aiming “to connect you with the best opportunities in tech, and to connect companies with the best techmakers". Women can become members and know more about work placements, events, companies and other talented women. Its Instagram, in addition to share important information, is filled with feminist and encouraging phrases and images for any and every woman.