Surviving Cleveland Weather (As Told by Frank Underwood)

In honor of the rapidly approaching release of season 3 of House of Cards, here is how you get though crazy Cleveland weather with a little help from Mr. Underwood himself.


First, regardless of what the local news says, prepare for the worst weather you can imagine.  Seriously.  This is Cleveland.  You should know better.

When it actually starts snowing, don't panic.  All you can really do is hope for the best.

Worrying about whether or not classes will be cancelled is almost pointless.  There's a 90% chance they won't be.  But you can always refresh your email a million times just in case.

If, miraculously, classes are cancelled, celebrate.  And thank President Snyder.

But, sadly, classes aren't always called off.  In that case, you need to brave the cold and trudge through the snow.

On your long walk to class, you'll probably be complaining to yourself the whole way there.

Of course, you'll always hear from people who have never been through a Cleveland winter complaining about the weather...

But at the end of the day, you'll be proud of yourself that you survived the snow.

But don't get your hopes up.  Even when you think it has stopped snowing, it will always return.  Just like Underwood.