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Spring Into This Season’s Trends!

The weather is finally heating up in Cleveland. Spring is fast approaching, and with the new season comes new fashion. This spring, stores are stocking up with floral patterns, shades of blue- most notably navy, and dresses and skirts are the go-to outfits. Surprisingly, white is making an appearance as well, and black and white are still in for spring: no need to remove it from your winter wardrobe just yet. Here are the spring trends of 2014, the essentials for every wardrobe.


1. Navy, navy, and more navy.

Typically a summer color, navy has been big in the spring collections of big fashion labels (think Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Lacoste) and it is here to stay. Along with navy, military-style jackets and dresses have been seen in Topshop’s spring collection, along with other brands. I found a great coat from Topshop in this style, and it is a lovely shade of navy blue.


2. Flower power.

Florals are definitely in this spring, and these dresses are from Ted Baker’s collection. While the smaller floral patterns are also acceptable, a lot of the dresses on the runway are sporting the big floral patterns and poofier skirts reminiscent of the 1950s. If you find anything with a flowers on it, whether it be a dress, skirt, shirt, or shorts, you are set for spring. Urban Outfitters and Topshop have a great collection of floral crop tops, and crop tops are also in this spring.


3. Spring sweaters!

Remember those sweaters I told you to get in Sweaters, Leggings, and the Joys of Sweggings? Well, don’t pack them away just yet. Sweaters over dresses, sweaters with skirts, sweaters with shorts, and sweaters with wide-leg trousers are in style this season. If you’re not a fan of the sweater-over-a-dress look, try it out with a cropped sweater or with a longer dress. You might be pleasantly surprised. Look for sweaters in pastels, navy, or white, as well as printed sweaters- floral, tribal, and stripes are hot patterns. Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, J.Crew, and Topshop have the best sweaters for spring.


4. White after Labor Day?

Yup, you heard me right. White is no longer just a summer color; this year’s New York Fashion Week saw an outburst of white. White dresses, white trousers, white coats, white purses, white sunglasses…White is definitely in this spring. It’s most often paired with black or navy, and stripes and gingham are the popular patterns mixing the two. That summer dress of yours that is solid white? You can make your new go-to spring outfit. Check out J.Crew and Nordstrom for your white essentials.


5. The busier, the better.

This spring, it’s time to dress like our Case Western schedules: busy. McQueen, Givenchy, and Valentino all sported tribal patterns in their spring collections. Along with floral patterns and gingham, tribal is still hot and definitely something to look for this spring. Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and American Eagle always have tons of floral and tribal patterns that are chic and affordable. Looking for gingham? J.Crew, Nordstrom, and Topshop are your best bets.


The spring trends of 2014 are very similar to the summer 2013 trends; sweaters, longer dresses and skirts, and moto- or army-inspired jackets are new this season. Get creative this spring and dress boldly. There are a lot of fun new patterns and styles for 2014, and they’ll definitely help get you excited for the summer. Keep on keeping on, collegiettes! Have fun with your spring wardrobe, and remember: summer is just around the corner.

Jeniece Montellano is a member of the class of 2016 at Case Western Reserve University. She is a chemical biology major (B.A.) and English minor, and plans on becoming a physician assistant. She is a part of Solstice (all-female a cappella group), CWRU's Pre-PA club, CWRU's Filipino Student Union, The Observer (undergraduate newspaper) and a sister of Delta Gamma. In her free time, she tries to maintain her sanity by eating chocolate mindlessly, watching TV and rom-coms, reading books and tweeting about random things. Follow her on Twitter @herroitsjemeow for more musings about life.
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