How to Wear Fall's Biggest Trend

Runways and city streets alike have been filled with girls pulling off rich, dark lipstick.  It's become such a trend that its shock factor is finally starting to subside, and it's actually acceptable to wear pretty much anytime.  While this fashion statement might still seem a little scary to try at first, it's definitely something you need to give a chance.  Here are some tips to help you pull off the ultimate accessory this fall.

1. Choose a color appropriate for your skin tone.  If your skin is fair/light, try to choose a lipstick with a warmer undertone.  Maroons, burgundys, and deep reds are ideal.  These shades will keep you looking appropriate and polished, not scary.  If your skin tone is more olive or deeper, go for lipsticks with a cooler undertone.  Plums, deep purples, and chocolately colors will make your lips pop the most.  Keep in mind: if you don't plan on wearing your dark lipstick on a regular basis, there's no need to invest in an expensive one.  Plenty of brands available at drugstores have colors just as rich as the ones in department stores.  Do some experimenting before you make your decision.

2. Choose your texture carefully. The darker the lipstick, the less shine you want it to have.  Going for a matte formula rather than a creamy one will be much less dramatic for day time, not to mention it lasts way longer.  The combination of shine and color in a creamier formula can be too strong to wear casually, so a matte look will appear much less formal.  If you do find your perfect shade in a creamy, pigmented blend, simply blot your lips with a tissue before stepping out of the house.  This will mattify your lips and make the color appear less severe.

3. Use a lip liner.  Lining your lips is crucial if you plan on wearing your lipstick for more than a couple of hours.  For an all day, long-lasting wear, follow your natural lip line to seal in your lipstick before you apply it.  Using a lip liner similar to the color of your lipstick will make your lips stand out even more.  If you're having trouble finding a perfect match for your lipstick, however, go for a flesh-tone shade that blends easily with any lip stick hue.  This will keep your lipstick from smearing outside of your natural lip line throughout the day.  My personal favorite is Wonder Pencil by NYX, which comes in 3 shades to match light, medium, and dark skin tones ($4.49,  

4. Make sure your lips are hydrated.  Nothing is worse than looking in the mirror a few hours after applying your lipstick and seeing that it's settling into your lips, peeling off, and fading.  The best way to prevent this is to layer some clear lip balm underneath your lipstick in order to moisturize your lips before you put on your lipstick.  Since lipstick (especially more matte forumlas) tend to be drying, putting on some lip balm before you apply your lipstick will help your lips stay soft all day long.  I suggest Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm in Quenched, which is colorless and has no aftertaste like most lip balms ($2.99,  Your lips will thank you.