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How to Push Through till Spring Break

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Case chapter.


Only a few weeks left till Spring break, and although time seems to fly by, with mid-terms right before it, it’s hard to tell whether you’re feeling excited or worn out. So, here are a few small things that make me happy and help me ease my high mixed emotions, hope they help you too!


1. Chapstick

In this cold weather, everyone needs one during this time of year

2. Rising Star Coffee

Sitting on the corner of Murray Hill, next to Valentinos Pizza, this coffee shop is the place to be. Not only are the barristas super friendly and welcoming, the atmosphere of the coffee shop is different from the usual vibes near CWRU. Most of the coffees are light roasted, which means you will definitely feel the caffeine kick if you drink it too fast! You can even treat yourself to homebaked cookies and pies if oyu’re feeling something tart. It’s a nice getaway from the Case lifestyle, that is unless, you do all your work there.

3. Cooking with Friends

Two of the best things in life, what else could you want?

4. Emojis

Who doesn’t like these son of a gun

5. Blackberries

They’re the best eaten off of your fingers!

6. Checking off your to-do list

Ahhh the bliss

7. Semi Sweet Dark Chocolate Chips

They’re so small, which makes them so much more fun to eat!

8. Waking up and realizing you have more time to sleep

That moment when you get an email from your professor that says class is cancelled. #heavenonearth

9. Good Pens

It makes note taking so much fun.

10. Fresh Flowers

Can’t deny that they look like the happiest things on earth

11. Cuppa Tea

Peppermint flavour is delicious, and with a lit candle, your night will be on a whole another level.

12. Nude Heels

Your favourite pair will always make you feel classy and sophisticated.

13. Manicures

There’s someting so satisfying about choosing the right colour and then getting them on perfectly.


Nicole is a junior studying nutritional biochemistry and psychology. She soon hopes to obtain a driver's license, because she will cry if she has to carry around her passport for much longer.