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Campus Cutie: Nitasha Uppal

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Case chapter.

This week’s campus cutie is one energetic ball of delightfulness. When she’s not cranking down some chemistry, you can see her dancing all over campus to any type of music! Nitasha’s lively aura is irresistable so don’t be suprised if you end up danving alongside her!


Name: Nitasha Uppal

Year: Senior

Major/Minor: Chemical Biology/ Business Management and Art

Hometown: Holmdel, New Jersey

Interests: Dancing!!! Traveling, art, netflix, and of course, sleep

Involvement on Campus: Secretary for Case Kismat, Alpha Phi, SAVE

Relationship Status: Single

Dream Job: National security concentrating in chemical warfare


Top 3 items on bucket list: Visit all 7 contients, go in a hot air ballon, learn how to backflip

Top 3 Movies: Finding Nemo, Mulan, and Bollywood movie :D

Spirit Animal: Honey Badger

Woman Crush: “Selena Gomez, no actually, my bestie Erin Deasy”

Man Crush: “Oh easy, Chris Hemsworth”

Her Campus: So I see that your Man Crush Monday is Chris Hesmworth, how would your perfect date go then?Nitasha Uppal: I like being active so I prefer dates that aren’t conventional. Instead of the movies, rock climbing or something adventurous is more up my alley. Dinner dates are occasionally nice, but eating in front of people isn’t my specialty so…

HC: Do you have any plans on what you want to do after you graduate?NU: I love traveling, so going to Bombay for a job in a chemistry lab for a year or so would be ideal.

HC: Is there a quote you like to live by?NU: “We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are.”


Nicole is a junior studying nutritional biochemistry and psychology. She soon hopes to obtain a driver's license, because she will cry if she has to carry around her passport for much longer.