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Campus Celebrity: Marie Brosovich

She’s known around campus for her great positive attitude and leadership skills, and in general she’s just a lovely lady to be around. I’ve gotten to know Marie these past couple of years and she’s definitely a person to look up to. 


Name: Marie Brosovich


Age: 21


Year: Junior


Hometown:  Lyndhurst, Ohio


Major:  Accounting


Involvement on Campus: President of Delta Gamma Fraternity

Marie and her two littles, Haley and Cosette.

Relationship Status: Single           


Sign: Sagittarius


Hobbies/Interests: Netflix, cycling, zumba, hanging out with friends, trying all of clevelands amazing places to eat, everything Cleveland


Favorite Music: Country and dancing music


Favorite Movie: What’s playing at the drive-in?


Favorite Restaurant in Cleveland Area: Barrio in Tremont –they have great tacos and margaritas! It also has the absolute coolest atmosphere.  A close second is A Panda Buffet in South Euclid. It’s the best crappy Chinese food around. I’ve been going there since high school and it just keeps getting better. Who can really argue with all you can eat Chinese?


Favorite Quote: “You can always ask for forgiveness.” Have to thank my dad for that one.


Favorite Greek Life Moment: The moment my little sister told me she was considering joining a sorority when she goes to college next year. This is of course, after she swore off Greek Life and told me she was the only sister I was allowed to have.


Favorite thing about Greek Week: Variety Show. I love watching the creativity each chapter brings to the stage!


Doing anything fun this summer? I’m working as an audit intern for Deloitte in Cleveland this summer with one of my favorite people! It’s going to be this amazing blend of high school friends, college friends and then that whole real life job thing.


What is Your Dream Job? I love Cleveland. I grew up 30 minutes from downtown. It’s the funkiest, most picked on little brother of all the cities, but its tough. The people are amazing and innovative. They’ve managed to create a place for an amazing food and drink scene to thrive. Our sports teams have crazy fans that are dedicated above all else. There are gardens in the middle of the city that provide for people who would not have fresh food otherwise. Ohio City, Tremont, Coventry, and University Circle have all been undergoing revivals. I want to be part of that. My dream job would be to work with all the unique parts of Cleveland to fill in the desolate holes that still exist and help create a city that thrives in its diversity. 


Man Crush Monday? I like all the beautiful men.


Top Things on your bucket list:

·      Backpack through Europe with my best friends #summer2015

·      Kiss in the pouring rain

·      Brew my own beer

·      Learn how to do a handstand

·      Ride a motorcycle

·      Get lost in a new city, preferably where I don’t speak the language

·      Go to a fashion week

·      Grow old and be the crazy lady with purple hair in the aquacise class at the YMCA

·      Be happy always

Senior Nutrition Major at CWRU. On the Varsity Swim and Dive Team, and part of Delta Gamma Fraternity.
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