8 Reasons Why Holiday Shopping is an Awful Idea

Every year, we gear up to get ready to shop our buns off for the holiday season...and we mostly hate it. Here are 8 reasons why holiday shopping is really probably your worst idea in a while.

1. It's way too violent.

No comment necessary.

2. You should be spending the end of the year relaxing.


Whether you choose to celebrate the holidays or not, the end of the year should be a time where you don't have to be stressed out at all. With finals coming to a close, you shouldn't be rushing around. Relax, and enjoy your time off!


3. It causes you to lose sleep.

Saving $10 is not worth waking up early to get to the store in time for a sale. I promise, it's not. 


4. You’re not getting good merchandise at those prices.

There is a good chance that what's happening in the cartoon above will happen to you. As someone who works in retail, I can attest to the fact that often times, stores stock up on lower price and low quality clothing because they know it will fly off the shelves. So not worth it.


5. You'll probably end up spending waaaayyyy too much money.

It all seems so cheap when you're buying it...then, you hear the grand total. :(


6. The pressure to buy massive amounts of gifts for everybody is on.

Gifts should come from your heart. Don't feel obligated to get everyone you know the latest and greatest of everything. It truly is the thought that counts!


7. Online sales exist and they are way, way more civilized.

Online shopping is just great because you get the exact same sales as the ones in the store and you don't even have to change our of your pajamas. Score!


8. It commercializes the entire holiday season.



Regardless of whether or not you choose to celebrate the holidays, there is no reason an entire season should revovle around buying things. Spend time with your loved ones, take a moment for yourself, and enjoy!