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6 Necessities When Dating an Immature Collegiate

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Case chapter.

Dating, love, romance, and every other word affiliated.  These aspects of life can sometimes act as a wrench in the barely functioning machinery of one’s life in just about every aspect.  Academics going well? Workout daily? Have plenty of time throughout the day? Stress levels manageable?  Throw in a love interest and experience the sensation of having the proverbial curveball thrown at you from every direction.  But I digress.  A huge component of dating is the collection of preferences that everyone has, also known as one’s “type.”  After an insignificant level of research I’ve compiled a list of the 6 things that an immature collegiate looks for in a significant other.



This is a cornerstone of any relationship but this type of patience goes beyond cooperation and time intervals.  Say you have a date or you come over to hang out and the immature collegiate (IC) really want to wear their new Batman shirt but they seemed to have misplaced it.  More than likely, they are not leaving their room or settling in to watch Netflix until they are wearing said shirt along with the matching underwear that completes the outfit.   


So they weren’t able to find the really cool Batman shirt for your date.  Now they’re sad because they won’t be able to impress you at all.  What’s that?  They don’t need a really cool Batman shirt to impress you? Awesome, in that case you turned their frown upside down and saved the date, nice job!

Zero Judgement

Being an understanding person is huge.  Obviously the start of your date didn’t go too well with the whole shirt fiasco.  The important thing is that you understand it was the thought that counts and though their idea didn’t totally workout, you didn’t get mad or think any differently.  


Sense of Humor


Everybody likes to laugh, it’s a natural medicine.  Making your significant other laugh or even smile is a gratifying experience and without a doubt, will be a huge hobby so I hope you have a tolerance for puns and weird faces….




In the end, a significant other is someone who is by your side through thick and thin.  Things might get dicey and risky decisions will have to be made.  Even the most confident people need backup in some way shape or form, so if you’re not prepared to support this person’s dream of becoming a pokemon master or a unicorn farmer then some adjustments will have to be made.



Everyone needs it, especially those who might not quite appreciate fine wine yet.


You may be saying, “Hey, these are essential parts to all relationships.” To which I respond, “that’s the point.” In a relationship with someone who may be a little less mature than you, you will get frustrated, you will have an occassional situation where they embarass you in public, but don’t let it detract from the great benefits that come from a significant other. Everyone has their types and nobody is perfect, relationships vary from couple to couple but at the base of it all, they’re the same.



A member of the class of 2017 at Case Western Reserve University by way of your not so typical New England boarding school, Jeep Madison is double majoring in communication sciences and english with a minor in political science.  He is a brother of the fraternity, Phi Delta Theta, and a member of the Spartan football team.  A self proclaimed feminist, he feels very strongly about current events surrounding domestic violence and the integration of women into traditionally male social realms.  With so much indecision on what the future holds, Jeep is currently an aspiring trophy husband.