5 Ways To Stay Warm This Winter

1. Drinking.

One of the most common ways that people stay warm during the harsh cold is sitting down and relaxing with hot chocolate or coffee.  It’s also a go-to first date idea.


2. Building hopping.

It is basic logic that the less time you spend outdoors, the warmer you will be.  So get creative in minimizing the amount of exposure to cold air.  Have a class in Sears but coming from the south side?  Enter through Nord (a solid 40 yards closer) to save yourself the extra minute of suffering.


3. Hot Spots

The one thing I learned from my first year SAGES course was the urban heat island affect.  It will always be warmer in more dense areas.  So instead of the more scenic routes (should you ever stumble upon one), walk along Euclid as long as possible.  Also there exists a vent that blows warm air as you walk from Thwing past the Tink and behind Mather House -you know what spot I’m talking about.


4.  Double bag it.

I apologize for all of the false implications in this article so far but keeping an audience interested is such an ordeal for a writer.  To reiterate, wear layers.  Sweatpants not quite getting the job done?  Throw on some pajama bottoms, they’re warm and thin enough to fit comfortably underneath.


5.  The buddy system.

This is the obligatory “find someone to cuddle with *insert winky face emoji here * part of this article.