5 Wardrobe Pieces that Will Make Your Life Better

It’s about that time again: the air is finally getting colder, the leaves are falling off the trees, and we can all start wearing layers again. The best part about this time of year is that we can all finallly start pulling out that clothes we've been hiding for months. Here are a few pieces you may want to add to your fall collection that will make your life a whole lot warmer (and therefore, better).

1. Fleece-lined leggings

Most girls can agree that fleece leggings are one of the greatest inventions ever. They’re perfect in the fall to wear with sweater dresses when temps get chilly, and even better in the winter to wear under jeans or sweatpants. For the perfect fit, try these super-soft fleece-lined leggings from Victoria’s Secret.




2. The “Best Hoodie Ever Made”

I know, it sounds like a very unrealistic claim. But news outlets and websites alike have repeatedly praised this hoodie from the company American Giant, and it’s honestly everything you’d ever want in a hoodie. It’s made with some amazingly thick and warm cotton and weighs around 2 lbs., so it can pretty much be your fall jacket. Not to mention, it doesn’t really wrinkle or look slouchy, so you can actually look put together and stay warm and snuggle all day long!



3. Blanket scarves

Blanket scarves are the perfect accessory for fall and winter.Not only do they look chic and stylish, but you can literally sit in class with a blanket on you keeping you warm and cozy! For the perfect fall look, check out this plaid scarf from Nasty Gal.




4. BeaniesBeanies have been around forever. and there’s a reason why. they never fail to make a bad hair day go away, and they’re the perfect fall accessory. Throw one on with your favorite outfit to add those autumn vibes to your look. Take a look at this very cute beanie from H&M to go with all of your fall ensembles.



5. Tunic Sweatshirts

Tunic sweatshirts are great for two reasons: they look cute and polished, but they as soft and comfy as your favorite old sweatshirt. Most are fleece so they keep you warm and cozy on cold autumn nights, and they look great with jeans or leggings. Check out this super cute tunic sweatshirt from Forever 21 to perfect your fall wardrobe.