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20 Things I’d Rather Buy Than Textbooks

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Case chapter.

The truth is this: college students are broke. Another truth: college textbooks are ridiculously expensive.

Every semester, we all procrastinate our asses off not reading assigned chapters for a book that cost around $300 and maybe at the end of the semester, realize that we used 3 chapters out of the 30. Whether you rent your books, buy them second hand then sell them, or actually buy them because you will need them for more than just one class, college textbook prices are not catered to the average, broke college student. As we begin the new semester, here are a few things that we may rather pay for than annoyingly expensive textbooks.

  1. Apple music
  2. Extra guac at Chipotle
  3. Justin Beiber concert tickets
  4. Replacing broken headphones
  5. Lulu Lemon leggings
  6. Spring break tickets to Cancun
  7. Getting broken iPhone fixed
  8. Numerous Uber rides
  9. Parking ticket
  10. Full priced clothing from ASOS
  11. Groceries from Whole Foods
  12. Nespresso Coffee machine (with milk foam maker)
  13. New MacBook
  14. Socks from Hunter
  15. Tickets to Super Bowl
  16. Advanced Spectrum Power vaccum cleaner
  17. Storage space all year round
  18. All the Naked palettes from Urban Decay
  19. New water bottle
  20. Endless supply of feminine toiletries (why are they so expensive?)

Have a great spring semester everyone! And let us all pray that textbook prices will one day go down.

Nicole is a junior studying nutritional biochemistry and psychology. She soon hopes to obtain a driver's license, because she will cry if she has to carry around her passport for much longer.