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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Case chapter.

So, I’m three years into college and I’m still tring to figure out how to be an adult. With every month that goes by, I’m definitely one step closer to being a proper functioning “adult,” but there are some stereotypically grown-up activities that I just haven’t nailed yet. Here are a few of them:

1. Waking up early

Whether it’s for track practive, classes, or to finish the homework I didn’t get to last night, waking up before 9AM is always a drag for me. I’m 100% confused about how I did this every day in high school.

2. Taxes

I’m all about contributing to the greater good and government-run programs. But… I also like my money. 

3. Networking

Networking for me usually sounds like, “Hello, please hire me. I’m kinda poor right now. Thanks.”

4. Making dinner

I miss the days when my mom would do it for me. *sigh*

5. Staying in on the weekends

Back when I was a freshman, I had no problem being social. But now, I often have to force myself to stay in a lot more. It’s a constant battle between what present, spontaneous me wants, and what future, responsible me knows is right. Also, I have major FOMO, so that doesn’t help.

6. Laundry


How many times can I wear a pair of leggings before they’re considered too dirty? 2? 4? 7?

7. Managing money

I have a budget I stick to (or at least, I try to stick to it), but how can I just walk past Chipotle without going in and getting a burrito? I know I lose $7 every time, but who just walks past Chipotle?

8. Grocery shopping

How am I supposed to choose which type of bread to buy? Is there a difference between all the types of yogurt? Nobody taught me any of this???

9. Calling your parents to ask for help

“Hey mom, I know I said I’m an adult now and I don’t need your help, but listen…..I really need your help right now.”

10. Doing dishes

It just sucks, okay?

Temi is a junior English major who loves programming with the University Program Board, competing on the Varsity Track and Field team, and being part of her wonderful sorority. She is a firm believer that the tongue is the strongest muscle in the body and language is the most powerful force in the universe.