Meet Enactus President Jaclyn Wilks

Jaclyn Wilks is a junior at Carthage College and is the current president of Enactus. Although she may take on many other roles here on campus, Enactus is something that is very near and dear to her heart.

HC: What is Enactus?

JW: Enactus is an international entrepreneurial organization who believes that investing in students who take action for others creates a better world for us all. Carthage College Enactus is a group of diverse students who are dedicated to making local, national and global communities a better place. Just some of our projects include teaching elementary school students financial literacy, informing the elderly of the technological advances in today’s society, creating feminine hygiene kits to send to women in third world countries, a quick pitch competition to give young entrepreneurs an outlet to begin creating their ideas, and we're just getting started! Carthage College Enactus strives to empower others by expanding to new heights.

HC: What has been the best part about being president?

JW: The best part about being president is being able to represent Enactus as a whole. Throughout my time here at Carthage, Enactus has always had a special place in my life. Being able to be the face of such a great organization that positively impacts the lives of so many is something that I am very proud of.

HC: What has been the most challenging issue you've faced?

JW: Enactus, at its roots, is a business based organization. Being a political science and criminal justice major, there are some aspects of the presidency that can be challenging. But I think business skills are something everyone should learn, and Enactus has helped me develop skills that I may not have been able to acquire elsewhere. Also, my executive board is a great group of individuals who I can count on at any time.

HC: What’s your favorite part about Enactus?

JW: Every year Enactus teams from all over the country get the chance to showcase their projects and compete against other teams at the United States National Exposition. This competition is by far my favorite part about Enactus. The competition consists of a 17 minute memorized speech of a team’s projects, followed by a five minute Q & A session from a panel of judges. These judges come from many of Enactus’ national sponsors like Unilever, Hallmark, KPMG, Ford, Walmart and more! Last year, Carthage College Enactus placed third at the National Exposition in Kansas City, MO!

This competition is when I officially realized how big of an impact Enactus teams make on the world, and it’s truly amazing to see what college students can do. The National Exposition is a place that you get to bond with your own Enactus team, teams from all over the nation, and you get to see all of the great things happening. I can assure you it’s something you won’t get to experience anywhere else.

HC: What are your hopes for future members?

JW: We have a really awesome group of freshmen this year, and it makes me so excited for the future of Carthage College Enactus! I hope that our future members are able to see how great of an organization Enactus truly is and that they find a passion for it like I did. I hope that they face challenges head-on and that they don’t give up when they hit a roadblock because, from what I've learned, if you keep pushing the outcome will be beyond rewarding. I also hope that they keep having fun. This was my first “home” at Carthage and I hope it can be for others too.

HC: How does someone join Enactus at Carthage?

JW: They can simply show up to our meetings, which happen every Wednesday at noon in CC 111 (next to Starbucks), or they can email me ([email protected]) or Ashleigh Aybar ([email protected]).

HC: What kind of members are you and your team looking for?

JW: Our team is looking for anyone and everyone! Many people think that we are solely a business club. Currently, our team has majors across the board ranging from criminal justice, education, and political science to computer science, GIS, and finance. Our only qualification is that you’re a student at Carthage who is dedicated to taking action to create a better world for us all.

Thanks, Jacklyn!