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Kaitlyn Keel: Her Campus Carthage’s Social Media Director

There’s a new Social Media Director in town, and her name is Kaitlyn Keel. A freshman Public Relations major (and Spanish minor) at Carthage with a passion for all things writing, social media and One Direction, we just had to learn more. So, Her Campus Carthage sat down with Kaitlyn, a Kenosha native, to discuss!

HC: Where are you from?

KK: I’m from Kenosha, Wisconsin!

HC: What year are you and what is your major?

KK: I am a freshman, and my major is Public Relations. I also have a minor in Spanish.

HC: What first drew you to Her Campus? 

KK: I was originally drawn to Her Campus because I love to write. I had never written an article before, only essays in school and short “blurbs” but it seemed like a really great idea. And I’m glad that I did.

HC: What’s your favorite type of article to write?

KK: I really like entertainment articles because it’s something that I’m really comfortable with.

HC: What do you hope will become of the Her Campus Carthage chapter by the time you’re a senior?

KK: I hope that Her Campus Carthage will expand and become more popular across campus.

HC: Why did you choose Carthage? What’s your favorite thing about Carthage?

KK: Ultimately, I chose Carthage because of money, which is probably hard to believe. Carthage offered me the most financial aid over all of my other choices and I ended up receiving a 100% tuition scholarship to study here. My favorite thing about Carthage is probably the campus, especially in the spring. I love all of the flowers and other plants that are in bloom when you walk up and down the sidewalk. I also love the lake. Even though I grew up in Kenosha, I’ve never lived close to the lake. It feels like a luxury.

HC: If you had the power, what inanimate object would you eliminate from existence?

KK: The top sheet.

HC: Are there any professors or students you’ve met that you really admire?

KK: I’ve only been here for about a semester and a half, so I haven’t had the opportunity to meet many professors or students and be able to know them well. Hopefully in the coming years!

HC: What’s your favorite book?

KK: I’ve read a few books in my lifetime that have become my favorites. Most notably: Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan.

HC: To date, what article are you the most proud of?

KK: I think that I am most proud of my article titled “Music isn’t All That One Direction Have to Offer” because it really displays who I am as a person and how much One Direction has impacted my life in six very short years. Being able to write about their achievements that don’t normally make the press was very exciting.

HC: Is cereal soup?

KK: I want to say yes, but the definition of soup doesn’t include milk in its examples of liquids. Because of that, I would say no.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us, Kaitlyn!

Jane Eckles

Carthage '19

Jane graduated from Carthage College in May 2019 with a degree in English and Secondary Education. She is from Merced, California, which is close enough to San Fransisco for her to confirm that the City by the Bay is her absolute favorite. When she's not teaching or writing articles, she can be found collecting any book she can get her hands on, watching Netflix, staring mindlessly into the void, or napping.
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