I Tried Not Wearing Leggings & It Sucked

I’m not going to lie, I love living in a time where one of the hottest trends is athleisure. An excuse to wear comfortable pants and still look put together? What more could a girl ask for? Although leggings aren’t always the appropriate option (thanks, business formal), it’s still preferred. As graduation approaches, I’m coming to the realization that soon, I cannot wear my favorite legging looks, in exchange for dress pants and skirts for the 9-5. In order to prepare myself for what’s about to come, I attempted to go as many days as I could without wearing leggings.

I made it for two days. I really tried to go a whole week, but my motivation was gone as soon as it came. My schedule became too hectic, and the last concern I had was what I was going to wear the next day. The advantage of still being a student is I have this luxury of choosing to try or not try, and I took advantage of it.


I started off strong, I planned out my outfit the night before, so it gave me one less step to do in the morning. I went through my day feeling a little more confident than usual because I felt good in my outfit. I mean, how could I not after making the extra effort to lay it out the night before? Because of that I actually felt more excited to go through my day - I just really wanted to show off my outfit. I usually end up changing my outfit midday to leggings when I start with jeans, but this day I ended up keeping my jeans on all day. Crazy. Don’t know where that confidence came from?


I was excited to feel as confident as I did Monday. I had a busier schedule to get through but was certain if I was in a good mood, it would be okay. Long story short, it was a loooooong day. By the time I got back into my room in the evening, I traded my jeans for sweats (I hope that’s not cheating). I spent a majority of that day sitting in uncomfortable chairs and desks, and I was seriously regretting not wearing something comfier. I was so exhausted after this day, I couldn't think of an outfit for Wednesday. This led to me giving up. RIP.

So moral of the story, I suck. But I did learn that I felt more confident in myself when I wore something I loved. I buy jeans and see cute outfits all the time, but when college, work, and extracurriculars get in the way, it’s hard to want to try, and I inevitably choose comfort over style. There's absolutely no judgment in anyone’s outfit of choice, I just really want to know what I’m up against come June working a 9-5.