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Forget Pastels, Black is Totally a Spring Color


To all of my fellow lovers of black clothing: I come with good news! Just because it’s “spring” now and everyone’s excited about it “getting warmer” does NOT mean you have to start wearing pastels or any number of bright, overstated colors. You can keep being the dark little ray of sunshine you are! Because black is totally a spring color.

Pair it with a pattern

Try matching a black shirt with black patterned pants, or buy a black floral shirt or dress. It’s guaranteed to blend right in with the season without sacrificing your aesthetic.

Sheer is your best friend

The easiest way to keep black around even as the temperatures keep climbing higher and higher is to lighten up the fabric! Sheer, lace, and other lightweight, see-through fabrics, are a lifesaver for this.

Take advantage of the "lingerie as everyday fashion" movement

If sheer is still too much for you, skimp down a little. This whole lingerie as daily wear thing is a great way to do this. Pair a black bralette with a pair of leggings, jeans or shorts and throw on a jacket, blazer or cardigan and you’re golden.

Find some colored accessories

If you’ve got an all-black outfit that you want to add a touch of color to, it’s simple enough to throw on a colorful jacket, scarf, necklace, socks, or even scrunchie. Just for a splash of color.

Or...black accessories

Springtime accessories like sunglasses, flats, sandals, and baseball or floppy hats can be added to any outfit to get into the season, even if they’re still as dark as your soul.

Hunt down spring trends available in your palette


Black doesn’t always mean jeans and leather jackets. With more maxi dresses, rompers, jumpsuits, two-pieces, and sundresses being made available in dark colors, the switch into spring doesn’t mean you have to switch up your look.


So before you start dreading the transition from winter, understand that you don’t have to eliminate the color black from your wardrobe to be able to make a spring statement.

Emily is a senior at Carthage College double majoring in English, with an emphasis in creative writing, and theatre, with an emphasis in costume design. She has also studied writing at Columbia University in the City of New York and The Second City - Chicago. Some of Emily's talents include eating large portions of pasta, quoting 80s romantic comedies, and unwanted Louis Armstrong impressions. These will all be very useful for her future career in television writing and producing.
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