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The Best Dates for Broke Students

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Carthage chapter.

When you’re in college and don’t have any extra money, it can seem like there are no options for dates with your significant other. So, I’ve compiled a small list of date ideas for all of the broke collegiettes out there.

1. Take a walk together

Take a walk through the park, on the beach, downtown, around campus or wherever your hearts desire. Use the time to talk and get to know each other better!

2. Build a blanket fort and have a movie night in it

Building blanket forts can be a great way to have fun together, and once it is built it’ll be super cozy to cuddle up and watch movies together in. This is perfect for those cold and snowy days!

3. Have a picnic

Go to the park or the beach or even just to a grassy area on campus and have a picnic. It’s a perfect way to make time to talk or just to spend some quality time together.

4. Have a game night

Show your competitive side and have fun at the same time! Introduce each other to your favorite childhood games and find out who the sore loser of the couple is!

5. Cook together

If you have access to a kitchen, use it! Make a mess and have fun! Make your favorite dishes together and learn more about each other while doing it.

6. Have a Nerf Gun war or water battle

Another great way to bring out your competitive side is Nerf Gun wars, squirt gun wars or water balloon fights. Whether it’s cold or hot outside, battle it out with your significant other.

7. Just hang out

Spending quality time together and talking to each other is always a great thing to do with your SO. Talk to each other about anything and everything, and use the time to really find out who your SO is.

8. Go outside and look at the stars

Point out constellations, the North Star or anything you see. This is a great time to have the really deep conversations about the world, the galaxy or anything else.

I hope this list helps you and your SO come up with ideas for your dates!

Rep image courtesy of Pexels

Sierra Eno

Carthage '19

Sierra is a junior at Carthage College majoring in Criminal Justice and minoring in Political Science. She loves dogs, pizza, cookie dough, and crime shows.