7 Pieces of Clothing You NEED in Your College Wardrobe

In what is either the most fun or most dreadful part of college, perfecting a functional college wardrobe is not an easy task. And if you're a student at Carthage, you know that your closet staples heavily revolve around the weather and Kenosha's many winters and fake springs. So, we decided to compile a list of our top seven essentials, because building a wardrobe is a lot more enjoyable when you know what you're looking for!

1. Long sleeve t-shirts

There's nothing better than slipping into your favorite comfy tee when you're feeling lazy for your 8 am. But any Carthage student knows that unless it's September or May, you're almost guaranteed to step out in chilly weather. What better way to get that same comfort (and a little added warmth) with a long-sleeve tee? Less bulky than a sweatshirt and more coverage than a plain old t-shirt, you can rock your long-sleeve on any day of the week. If the weather is in between (as we all know that the weather is completely different during your 8 am compared to your 1:35 pm), you can always pair your trusty long-sleeve with a comfy pair of Nike shorts. 

2. Spirit Wear

Carthage sports teams, Greek organizations, clubs, etc. practically run on spirit wear, so it's not too difficult to add a piece or two to your wardrobe! If you're not an organization type of guy or gal, the bookstore is also a wonderful place to buy clothes that'll help you rep what ya know. Perfect for day-to-day wear or special events on campus, you can wear your spirit wear as much as your heart desires!

3. A little black (or white) dress

Ladies. We've always been told that a LBD is essential, and for good reason. They're timeless and majorly versatile, so they can be dressed up or down to your liking. From parties and socials to interviews and presentations, your little black dress has got you covered, girl. And for those of you who are involved with Greek Life (or have been considering joining), a little white dress is a huge need as well for rushing and other sorority events! 

4. Puffer Vest

Is it just a little too chilly for a long-sleeve tee? Throw a puffer vest over it! These babies are majorly popular on campus, and it's not difficult to imagine why. They provide all the warmth you could need when the weather is being too indecisive, without the commitment of an entire jacket. Not to mention, they can really add some style to any outfit, whether it be a sweatshirt or a blouse! 

5. Themed Clothing

College is, well, college, so you never know what's going to be happening on or off campus! Many socials and other themed events require attire such as Hawaiian shirts, Halloween costumes, sports jerseys, etc., so get ahead of the game and start thrifting! You'll want to be prepared on a moment's notice. 

6. Cute Sweatpants

Baggy sweatpants are great, but cute sweatpants are even better. Why? Because you can totally get away with wearing them to class without feeling like you practically rolled out of bed (but hey, if that's your style, you do you! No judgments here). Cute sweatpants can include joggers with fun zippers to slim-leg sweatpants and so much more. Dress them up with a fun top and you're all set for your classes, study sessions and group project meetings!

7. Leggings

You were waiting for this one, weren't you? While leggings are arguably the biggest staple of a college wardrobe out there (a necessity, tbh), not everyone sees eye-to-eye on the whole "leggings are pants" debate. So, if you're a fan of leggings, this one's for you!

"Leggings are the shit," says Lexie Mallary, a junior at Carthage. "It's a bad day when I run out of leggings and have to wear jeans to class. They're so much easier to put on, they're stretchy, they're comfortable, they accentuate your assets: what more could you ask for?"

Perfecting the ultimate college wardrobe is not easy, but if you're a student at Carthage, you can bet that these seven staple pieces will take you through the school year feeling comfortable, stylish and prepared for just about anything.