5 Movies to Watch on Netflix This Halloween

Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without scary movies. When the weather gets cooler, there’s just something about staying in with warm blankets, candles and a scary movie. The best part about this is that Netflix created a whole tab on the top of the home page just for Halloween-themed shows and movies. And since we all somehow feel safer watching a scary movie at home, so here are 5 movies to watch from under the safety of your own covers.

1. Donnie Darko

If you’re into movies that have heavy supernatural themes, Donnie Darko is it. This movie takes place in 1988 during the elections, where teenager Donnie Darko is struggling to determine if he’s living in reality or a parallel universe.

2. The Conjuring

Based on the true case files of the Warren family, many believe the events in this movie actually happened. In 1977, two paranormal investigators are called into action when a distressed family believes there is something evil in their home. Strange paranormal happenings occur and are rightfully captured on film for proof.

3. The Shining

A theatrical replica of that classic Stephen King novel, this movie follows a family as they move into a hotel in Colorado to be the caretakers for the winter. Evil spirits influence the father, which turns the family against each other, and their fates lie in the hands of their own sanity and their psychic son.

4. Hush

Similar to A Quiet Place, this movie is scary because there is almost no sound. The main character is a deaf writer who is living alone in the woods (which is always a great idea). Based on the clues around her, she discovers her house has been broken into, and she needs to find a way out without alerting the deadly intruder.

5. The Sixth Sense

When people talk about scary movies, The Sixth Sense is a classic. A young boy is haunted by ghosts but will only confide in his child psychologist. Both are led into danger as they slowly unravel the problems of the dead and must find a way to solve the issues, while simultaneously dealing with that classic M. Night Shyamalan twist.