19 Lessons that Jenna Marbles Has Taught Us Over the Past Decade

Since YouTube personality, Jenna Marbles made her channel back in 2010, she’s made over 440 videos and has over 19 million subscribers. Although they’ve been deemed her “me time” or “Jenna’s selfish time,” her videos can range from teaching audiences how to trick people into thinking you’re good looking to creating the perfect pet names for your significant other to taking care of you Cermet. But there are so many other, smaller lessons that she’s taught us.

Don't take things too personally.

Don't be afraid to put yourself out there.

Be comfortable in your sexuality.


Embrace your own weirdness.

People who do their own makeup are basically artists.

Find someone who makes you laugh.

Always stay positive.

If someone is bothering you, just throw them "the face."

You have to work hard to get things done.


Being able to recognize what's getting in the way is important.

We all suffer from the same struggles.

Know your worth.

If you get drunk, be responsible.

Be content and appreciative.

Sometimes you have to be your own hype man.

Words of wisdom.

You don't necessarily have to grow up to be a grown-up.

Happy nine years to our Virgo, vegan, animal-loving, meme queen.