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How to Stay Connected to Your Friends from Home

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Carroll chapter.

So summer has ended and it’s time to say goodbye to your friends from home. There’s lots of tears and hugs, but winter break isn’t that far away, right?  


As a freshman, it is difficult to say goodbye to your home friends for the first time. But the exciting part is the many ways you are all going to grow and get to have all these new experiences in college. But how do you make sure you still stay updated on each other’s’ lives? 


Staying connected with your home friends takes effort and time to figure out what works best. Some friend groups may keep up daily or weekly in their group chats. Group chats are a perfect way to talk to everyone at once and to feel as if you are back together. A perfect string of gifs sent back and forth is always a good laugh. So, keep that girl squad group chat up!


If texting in large group chats isn’t your thing, reach out individually to your friends. A nice chat with your bestie is always a good idea. Even if it’s just a simple once a month checkup it will keep you connected and updated on what’s going on in their life.


OK, maybe you just want to ditch your phone totally and try a new way to stay in contact with your home friends. So go grab your favorite stationery and write a letter. Yes, it might take a little more effort, but it’s what makes them so special! Going to your mailbox and finding you ACTUALLY have mail is a heartwarming feeling. Not only are handwritten notes the best to receive, they are very meaningful and a beautiful desk decoration! 


And if you find yourself having a jam-packed schedule and don’t have the time to sit down and type out a text or write a letter, a fun Snapchat is always nice to open. 


Staying connected with your friends from home doesn’t always mean sitting down on the phone or FaceTime for hours on end every week. Yes, everyone is counting down the days until break to see each other, but until then, keep growing and learning from your college experiences. Your home friends should always be there for you and you for them. 

Sabrina is a junior at Carroll University studying communication and marketing. She is the Campus Correspondent for HC Carroll in addition to being involved within her sorority and an academic mentor on campus. Sabrina is an avid coffee drinker who LOVES finding new local coffee shops. When she's not in class or at work you'll find her watching the sunrise or sunset any chance she gets, or hanging out with her friends quoting vines non-stop!