The Women's March Took Over Downtown Ottawa on Saturday

Hundreds of people flooded the streets of a very cold downtown Ottawa to stand against verbal, physical, and emotional attacks on women. However, Ottawa was not the only city that held this protest. Several countries took to the streets to support the cause. 


'Patriarchy. Thank you, next.'


'I shave with Gillette.'


'White silence costs lives.'


'The future is intersectional.'


These were just some of the signs from around the world that I saw on my news-feed during and after the march. These strong statements resonate in the hearts of females, and wakes up leaders of nations every year to show them we are not backing down. 

But, I'm nervous that it never lasts. What happens when the media coverage dies down and the witty, powerful signs get lost and replaced, leaving nothing behind? Everyday women are marching on, and diverting comments about their gender and sexuality. So, the women's march does continue, but invisibly. 

The Women's March began because strong women spent time creatively addressing an issue on world-wide stage and raising awareness towards the many battles currently being fought under your nose. They found their way into your news-feed, and when they leave, don't get them get lost from your hearts. 

Photo by Jeffrey Rose

From gender-based violence, equal pay, reproductive rights and rights for all, to student loans and walls. With their signs, their shouts, and their stance, they are telling you there is a battle and they are showing you what they’re fighting for. They are reminding people who are held back to keep fighting and they are supporting everyone’s fight.

They are empowering people.

Social media can be a great tool for more people to use their voice and maybe even to empower her to walk away from an abusive relationship, to stand up for herself, to follow her dreams, or to seek help.

It’s easy to feel small. You couldn't possibly make a difference, right? Wrong.

You can join the march by researching, learning, listening and discussing the issues that this march brings up.

The only way we can achieve change is to show our institutions and lawmakers gender-based violence, unequal pay and discrimination against all womxn matters to everyone, especially those we elect to represent our countries.

There is ammunition in numbers and there is ammunition in diversity.

“We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back.”- Malala Yousafzai