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Women in Power: Meeting Mariam Abdel-Akher

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Carleton chapter.

During my two years with Her Campus at Carleton, I have had the pleasure of working with powerful and resilient women to create content for the Carleton community. In my first year, I worked as the senior editor for the very first year the club was formed. Although it was enjoyable, it was also really difficult. At the time, I was working three part-time jobs, going to school full-time and stressing on getting content in for the website. But my team had my back and we pulled through in, what I think, is impactful work by volunteer writers and executives. 

In my second year, I ran and was elected president of Her Campus Carleton. After serving my first year, I wanted to make more of an impact through the club. We were able to do so by holding all types of events from a pub crawl to a writing workshop, raising money for charity in the process. I am proud to have been on such a great team this year and seen our club grow even further on campus through the hard work and commitment of the women on the team. 

I think Her Campus became an outlet for many people within the community to share and publish their work for not only local awareness, but sometimes even worldwide attention. Her Campus, as an online magazine, brings together women from all walks of life, from one end of the world to the next. It is a special group to be a part of. 

Throughout all four years of my university experience, I had the chance to be a part of many initiatives and clubs on campus. These opportunities defined university for me, but nothing compared to the skills I gained operating a large team that wanted and cared to make a difference on campus. Although our time was cut short and we weren’t able to complete everything on our list, I will always cherish the memories that I had and the friends I made along the way through this incredible and diverse group. Here’s to the future and to making Her Campus Carleton a title no one will forget at Carleton.


Mariam was President at Her Campus Carleton circa 19/20. She's a puppy lover and strives to be Mindy Kaling one day. Hopefully in five years you can find her working on the next most popular true crime series. Bachelor of Journalism '20 - Carleton University