Women In Power: Meeting Jen Siushansian

Hi there! I’m Jen(nie) Siushansian and I worked under the social media director as a social media team member with HerCampus Carleton. 

It has been an honour to work with an empowering, motivated, unique and uplifting team for the past year. I have gained meaningful and valuable experience from being a part of HerCampus Carleton. I have highly enjoyed collaborating with my fellow executive team members, posting content on a vast range of social media platforms and being given a role that has helped me develop my multimedia and social media skills and expertise. 

I have been involved with HerCampus Carleton as a writer for my first year and then I chose to be involved as a writer and as the social media team member for my second year. In doing so, HerCampus Carleton has granted me the confidence to be more involved in my extracurricular activities, and it has given me the passion to continue to participate in online writing initiatives. I am looking forward to writing, creating and drafting more articles that I will contribute to the chapter. In addition, I am very proud that I have articles that have been published on the HerCampus Carleton site that I will be incorporating into my professional portfolio. 

HerCampus Carleton has truly been a close-knit, business-like, driven club that I have had the pleasure of being a part of as an executive member and writer. I will continue to submit articles, opinion columns and academic work for the rest of my time in university and to continue my support for the chapter. No one should be afraid to reach out, get in touch, or ask questions about HerCampus Carleton. The chapter is the perfect online hotspot for everything that people need to know about life on and off campus.