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Where To Find Holiday-Themed Masks From Local Businesses

With the holidays coming up and Covid-19 still present in our communities, many people are going to be wanting to show their festive spirit with some holiday-themed masks. This year has been challenging for everyone but no one has suffered more than small businesses. Small businesses deserve all of the help they can get during this holiday season so why not purchase the most popular item of 2020 and support a local business at the same time! Here is a list of 15 Ottawa and Toronto area based small businesses that are selling holiday-themed masks!   

Cheerfully Made

Cheerfully Made is a small business located in Almonte, Ontario that provides online shopping and in-store shopping. Cheerfully Made is a small business started by Almonte native, Emily Arbour. In her online shop and storefront located on Mill Street in Almonte, Cheerfully Made is selling Christmas masks for $12.00. If you are in the Ottawa area, you can order by December 18 to guarantee to have your purchase by Christmas; December 15th if you are in Ontario or December 9th if you are out of the province. 

MJ Designs

MJ Designs is a small business based out of Ottawa, Ontario. This holiday season, MJ Designs has made holiday-themed masks that are being sold at the Fancy Sox Canada store at the Rideau Center in Ottawa. The holiday-themed masks are being sold for $19.00 in the Fancy Sox Canada store.

Landwash Creations

Landwash Creations is a small business based out of Ottawa, Ontario, and was started by Renee in 2019. Other than masks,Landwash Creations makes homemade knit toques, headbands, scrub hats, and other beautiful handmade items! This is a great small business to support and a great place to get warm, cute items for the upcoming winter season! The holiday-themed masks are being sold for$3.00 plus free shipping when you purchase off the Ottawa Artisans website!

Downtown Tailoring

Downtown Tailoring is a small business based out of Ottawa, Ontario. It was started by Aida Flores in 2016 but ever since the global pandemic began earlier this year, Downtown Tailoring has transitioned its business from selling headbands and felt coasters to beautiful patterned masks. For the upcoming holiday season, Aida has designed multiple holiday-themed masks (and even designed a mask tree ornament - that is so cute!). The holiday-themed masks are being sold for $14.50 and you can purchase Aida’s holiday-themed masks off of Downtown Tailoring’s Etsy page. 

Flamingo Boutique

Flamingo Boutique is a small boutique located on Wellington Street West and Armstrong Street in Ottawa, Ontario. This small business is selling holiday patterned masks alongside kids' holiday masks for only $5 and $7.50! The boutique is open Tuesday to Saturdays from 11 am to 5 pm, open Sunday’s 11 am to 4 pm, and closed Monday. If you are unable to go to the boutique in person, Flamingo Boutique also has an amazing online store that you can purchase from. If you’re in the Ottawa area, make sure you order your holiday-themed masks by December 21st to ensure delivery! 

MXMLST Collection 

MXMLST is a family-run business located in Ottawa, Ontario, and began in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic in April and since then has been growing rapidly! Other than face masks, MXMLST makes homemade scrunchies, jewelry, clothing pieces, and MXLMST offers styling consultations, as well! The MXMLST holiday-themed masks are being sold for $20.25 and are available on their website! 

The PlanB Collective

The PlanB Collective is a family-run business located out of Kingston, Ontario. It was started by the Zadow sisters, Heather, and Emily in 2019. The Zadow sisters create handmade knitting bags, stitch markers, pins, face masks, and other Eco-friendly items. The PlanB Collective has created holiday-themed masks and is selling them on their Etsy page, or you can purchase one by Instagram direct messaging the PlanB Collective’s Instagram page.

Tinseltown Christmas Emporium

The Tinseltown Christmas Emporium is one of Ottawa’s number one Christmas shops in the city! The Tinseltown Christmas Emporium is your one-stop-shop for all things Christmas. You can purchase everything from Christmas tree ornaments to decorations to 2020 themed ornaments and masks! Tinseltown Christmas Emporium is selling their holiday-themed masks for $14.00 online and in their Somerset Street store. 

South Island Crafts

South Island Crafts is a small business that was started by Debra Chiabai in 2019. South Island Crafts is based out of Ottawa, Ontario. Chiabai makes beautiful, handcrafted tumblers, water bottles, wine, and beer glasses, t-shirts, and now masks with custom sayings and images printed on the product! South Island Crafts’ masks range from $15.00 to $20.00 but with the $20 dollar Masks for Muscles masks, $5 is donated to Muscular Dystrophy Canada foundation. South Island Crafts’ is the perfect small business to support because not only are you supporting a small business but you’re also supporting a wonderful cause! South Island Crafts’ masks can be bought on their website! 

Viral Clean

Viral Clean is an Ottawa-based business that specializes in custom disposable masks. Viral Clean has an abundance of different colour and patterned masks available for purchase in bulk. You can purchase Packages of 10, 30, 50, and 60 of your favourite colour and patterned masks on the Viral Clean website. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Viral Clean has donated masks to multiple community groups and is now supporting Toy Mountain. You can purchase your holiday-themed disposable masks for $12.50 for 10 masks on the Viral Clean website. 

F5 Masks

F5 Masks is a small business based out of Toronto, Ontario that was started by Frédéric in September of 2020. All of their masks are handmade and use the famous Marimekko fabric and designs. Other than creating holiday-themed masks, F5 Masks has many other designer-themed masks. F5 Masks’ holiday-themed masks can be purchased for $28.00 off of their Etsy page! 

Grace’s Craft Store

Grace’s Craft Store is a Toronto-based small business started by Grace in May of 2020. Grace makes beautifully embroidered masks, hair bows, and tote bags. For the holiday season, Grace’s Craft Store has released embroidered holiday-themed masks for all your holiday mask needs. You can purchase one of Grace’s masks from 
her Etsy shop for only $15.26 (they’re on sale right now)!

Shop Libby & Co.

Shop Libby & Co is a hair accessories business that was started by Lindsay Libby in 2018. Shop Libby & Co. makes great quality scrunchies, headwraps for adults and children, fabric keychains, and now, in 2020, masks! Lindsay is located in Maynooth, Ontario, near Barry’s Bay, and sells her beautiful creations on her Etsy page. Shop Libby & Co. is selling their winter and holiday-themed masks on their Etsy page for $10.00 a mask. If you are located in Ontario and order before December 15th or December 9th if you are out of Ontario, your order will be delivered in time for the holiday period!

Fauve’s Fancy Face Masks

Fauve’s Fancy Face Masks is a small business that was started in July 2020 in Almonte, Ontario. Fauve’s Fancy Face Masks sells a variety of themed masks for children and adults. For the holiday season, Fauve’s Fancy Face Masks has created 9 different holiday-themed masks and are selling for $14.00. You can purchase one of the holiday-themed masks by direct messaging Fauve’s Fancy Face Masks on Instagram.

Special Greetings Card & Gift

Special Greetings Card & Gift is a small business located in Smiths Falls, Ontario. Special Greetings is a Hallmark supported business that sells a variety of items from Hallmark cards, candle and lotion products from local businesses, home decor, and holiday-themed masks. You can purchase the themed masks for only $4.99 in their store located on Russell Street in Smiths Falls or on their newly launched online store!

This holiday season is an excellent chance to shop small and local while also being safe by wearing a mask. Everytime you purchase something from a small business, a person just like you does a happy dance… if you are able to, make somebody do a happy dance this holiday season!  

Krissy is a third-year History major with a double-minor in heritage conservation and Canadian Studies at Carleton. When she's not doing school or hanging with friends and family, Krissy enjoys reading, online shopping, talking aimlessly about history and politics, and playing hockey.
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