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Thousands of people travelled to the National War Memorial on Nov. 11 to pay their respects for past and present military personnel.  

An annual event hosted by the Royal Canadian Legion, Veterans led the parade followed by members from all major branches of the Canadian Armed Forces and active military personnel. 

The Prime Minister and his wife attended, along with Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson and Governor General of Canada, Julie Payette.  

Spectators embraced the cold as they respected the two minutes of silence. 

A virtual screen at the National Arts Centre displaying floating poppies could be seen in the background; a compliment to the Poppy Drop on Parliament Hill which saw 117,000 animated poppies projected to symbolize one for each of Canada’s fallen soldiers in previous military efforts.

As the parade concluded, the crowd encircled the National War Monument to lay their poppies on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, encasing it in bright red for the remainder of the day. 


The Remembrance Day parade begins their march off to signify the end of the ceremony. Photo by Sarah Sibley.


Volunteers stand in from of the National War Memorial and hand out pamphlets outlining the course of events for the parade. Photo by Sarah Sibley.


A drummer in the Royal Canadian Air Force band prepares to play a cadence beat for the march off. Photo by Sarah Sibley.


Spectators gather around the base of the National War Memorial to place their poppies on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Photo by Sarah Sibley.


Mayor Jim Watson talks to people who braved the cold to attend the parade. Photo by Sarah Sibley.


A sign held by a spectator at the Remembrance Day Parade in downtown Ottawa. Photo by Sarah Sibley.


A group of wreaths lay at the National War Memorial where spectators came to pay their respects and place their own wreaths. Photo by Sarah Sibley.


One of many wreaths placed at the foot of the National War Memorial on Nov. 11. Photo by Sarah Sibley.
Sarah Sibley

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Sarah Sibley is a fourth-year journalism and law major at Carleton University with a minor in Greek and Roman studies. In her free time, she can be caught making soup, telling terrible puns, and probably listening to some 22-minute sitcom in the background.