The Not-So-Secret Secrets of My Favourite Teas

Tea is definitely not a new trend, but it's still a favourite of mine. Not only is it delicious, fun, (mostly) cheap, it's very healthy too. I really started drinking tea when I got a massive headache on a bright, sunny bright day - and I mean massive. 

I couldn’t put my finger on what had caused it. I had eaten breakfast, I drank water, I even had a good why was my head pounding? Then it came to me - I did not have my usual coffee that morning. That was a real wake-up call for me. If I couldn’t get through a day without coffee - if my body was literally crying for it - I had an issue. I was seriously and wholly addicted to coffee. Withdrawal was hard, and I needed something to replace it with, so I turned to tea. I am convinced I have never made a better dietary decision since. 

Tea allowed me to get more water, herbs, and vitamins into my body. It can fix colds, alter metabolisms, and decrease blood pressure and stress levels. Best of all? If I forgot a cup, I wasn’t getting any headaches. I finally found my cure-all drink, and it kept me warm in the winter, cool in the summer, focused in school, and an all-round happy person. 

I want to share my top 5 not-so-secret teas to help you get over your coffee addiction, and turn to a drink with more benefits than just keeping you awake! 


1. Black Tea 

This tea is great for the caffeine boost you’re looking for if you’re seeking a smooth transition. If you don’t want to be too adventurous, go straight to black tea. It will keep you awake, focused, and has a very strong bitter taste (if steeped long enough) somewhat similar to coffee. Another great part of this tea is that it is available everywhere. 


2. Earl Grey Tea 

This is my second go-to tea, because it has caffeine and a distinct flavour to keep you drinking. This tea also gives you a warm hug as you drink it. The best part about earl grey is that you don’t really get sick of it. I can drink it day after day, and never get tired of the taste. You can find this tea everywhere - Tims, Starbucks, Second Cup, and some coffee shops will even turn it into a latte (usually called the London fog) for an added creaminess and sweetness. 


3. MapleTea 

This tea is great for giving you a little morning sweetness! It is made with maple bits, so there is no need for added sugar. This is particularly delicious in the fall when you go for hikes or drives around the colourful maple trees. While this is not offered at most coffee shops, it is available at many stores (seasonally) and at loose-leaf tea shops, such as DAVIDsTEA. 


4. Camomile Tea 

This non-caffeinated tea is great to drink before bed and to soothe upset stomachs. It is a great de-stressor that creates a calming effect upon drinking. This is particularly great for those who want to stop their coffee intakes. You can find it at most stores and shops. I highly recommend this tea if you want something that is light and soft, and it pretty much goes with every dessert! 


5. Chai Tea 

This tea is also great for a caffeine boost, complimented by a warm and biting cinnamon taste. I love having this tea in the winter because it warms you up - inside and out! It’s accessible in every store.


While most of these teas are basic, they are a great introduction to the tea world! Hopefully this will help you stay away from the coffee addiction and get you on a healthier drink in the morning. Try to become more adventurous and try new flavours because there are thousands waiting for you.