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My Take on the “DUPE” TikTok Trend: 4 Trending Dupe Items I Swear By As A University Student

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Carleton chapter.

Recently, on my social media pages, my feeds have been filled with “Dupe” videos of people showing their favourite duplicates of expensive products. Typically, people look for duplicates of products when the item is always sold out or when you can get the same thing for much cheaper. As a university student, it is crucial to save money where I can, so these dupe products have been my tried-and-trues. I am always on the hunt for a good deal on activewear, makeup, perfumes and trending products! Here are 4 of my favourite dupe finds to trending products that I cannot live without:

Aurola Intensify Shorts on Amazon vs. Alphalete Amplify Shorts

The first one on the list is for my fellow gym girls. The struggle is real when trying to find gym shorts that are squat-proof, flattering, comfortable, and affordable! Throughout my fitness journey, I have tried a variety of activewear brands. For shorts, my favourite brand to shop from is Aurola on Amazon. They offer different styles that have flattering qualities to them. My two favourite collections are the CAMO and Intensify shorts. They both have the back scrunch seam that shows off your gains and hard work in the gym! Most importantly, there is no front seam on the shorts. This is a dealbreaker for me when buying gym shorts, so I am a huge fan of no-front seam.

The Intensify Collection shorts from Aurola retail from $40-50 CAD, depending on the colour you choose. I love how thick the waistband is, as well as the squat-proof material! The Aurola Intensify short is a perfect duplicate of the famous “Amplify Contour Short” from Alphalete. These have been trending on TikTok and are a staple in lots of collections, but they are on the expensive side of activewear. The Alphalete shorts retail for $71 CAD and come in 20+ colours. They are both great options, but once I tried the Aurola shorts, I never went back.


Moving on to makeup. The most important step in my routine when I want my makeup to last all day is primer. The Elf Cosmetics Power Grip Primer is the perfect start to my makeup routine. This $14 primer never fails to keep my makeup on all day and is a staple in my collection. The slightly sticky texture ensures the concealer coverage of an all-nighter and on a stubborn pimple. This primer is a dupe for the MILK Makeup, Hydro Grip Primer, which retails for $38 CAD.

Zara GardENIA Perfume vs. YSL Black Opium

During my time spent working for a retail company that sells a variety of perfumes, I got to test out many designer fragrances. My go-to duplicate perfume for a night out is Gardenia, by ZARA. The 180ml bottle retails for $29.90, which is a great deal for a long-lasting perfume! This scent has notes of black coffee, white florals, and vanilla. It is definitely a night-time warm and spicy scent that is almost guaranteed a few compliments. This perfume has very similar notes to the YSL Black Opium Eau de Parfum which retails at $169 for 50ml on Sephora. If you have your eye on the YSL Black Opium Eau de Parfum, or if you’re looking for a new night-time scent, give the ZARA one a try!


This last dupe is dedicated to my corporate girls. Finding the perfect pair of work pants can be a mission. The Aritzia Effortless Pants are a staple in my collection, but I recently found a pair of pants that I love even more. The Yasmin Straight Leg Pant from Dynamite are the perfect trouser pants for half the price! They retail for $69.95, and The Effortless Pant from Aritzia retail for $148. For me, I needed to size down 2 sizes in the Dynamite pants. But other than that, they are a perfect fit and long-lasting! I also recommend getting the short length if you are 5’4 or under.

I highly recommend the trousers from Dynamite if you work in a corporate setting, or if you’re just looking to add some professional pieces to your wardrobe. For everyday wear, I love pairing a slightly oversized knit sweater (this one from Aerie is my current favourite), some casual sneakers, and the “Yasmin Straight Leg Pant” for a cute fall outfit!

Parisa Mehrvar is the Marketing and Publicity Director of Carleton University's Her Campus chapter in Ottawa, Ontario. She oversees the newsletter, monitors newsletter engagement, and leads recruitment efforts and events on campus! Outside of Her Campus at Carleton duties, Parisa is a second-year student in the Law and Legal Studies BA Honours Program with a concentration in Business Law, and a minor in Communication and Media Studies. She is passionate about women's empowerment and is involved in her University's Law Society, where she partakes in meetings and has made meaningful connections with fellow students in the Law and Legal Studies program at Carleton. She also serves as a volunteer notetaker for the Paul Menton Centre (PMC) in several of her courses. Although this is Parisa's first time writing for a publication, she is eager to learn all there is to know about effective marketing strategies and content creation. In her free time, Parisa enjoys chasing her fitness goals at the gym, listening to new music and exploring her city with her friends and family. Her love for travel complements her interest in discovering more about her culture. As a lover of the arts, she uses colouring, drawing, and oil paints to showcase her creativity in her free time.