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Money Monday: Shopping at the Dollar Store

When people think of dollar stores, they think of cheap low quality items, but that is not always the case. Your local dollar store can have several items that are good quality at a reasonable price.

1. Personal Hygiene ProductsWhether it is toothpaste or deodorant, you can buy it at the dollar store for just a couple of dollars. The best part is that most dollar stores carry name brand products such as Crest and Speed Stick for a significantly reduced price compared to the drugstore.

2. School SuppliesGoing to the dollar store instead of larger box stores such as Staples can save you money on school supplies. Although they may not have pretty looking supplies, the price is unbeatable. They have pencils, pens and notebooks for as little as a dollar. You’re already spending a small fortune on textbooks—don’t pay more than you need to for basic supplies!

3. Gift Bags and Gift WrapsUnless you’re still living at home with your mom, you probably don’t have gift bags lying around from past events to use for the odd birthday. When you need one, you can end up paying a ridiculous amount for a bag or wrap unless you go to a dollar store. At the dollar store there are boxes, bags and wraps available for as low as a dollar.

4. FoodAlthough there is not a lot of food at the dollar store, it’s a good spot to pick up snacks for girl’s night. Junk foods such as chips and pop retail at the dollar store at a significantly lower price than grocery stores. A liter of pop is less than a dollar and a full sized bag of chips is only two dollars. If you’re going to treat yourself, the cheapest way to do so is to go to the dollar store.

5. KitchenwarePlates, pans and silverware are all items that can be purchased at the dollar store. As a student, you don’t need expensive kitchenware that will likely break by the time you finish university. By buying these items at the dollar store you can buy as much as you need for a reasonable price and easily replace them as those glasses get knocked off of counters. It’s a great spot to pick up cooking utensils like spatulas and serving spoons, too.

There are many basic items you can buy at dollar stores that can save you a significant amount of money in the long run. Before you head to Walmart or Ikea to stock up your kitchen or bathroom, check out the dollar store to see where you can save a few extra dollars. Even if it’s just ten dollars, that’s a bottle of wine to go with those chips you picked up.

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