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I Got My Lips Done and Here Are My Thoughts

The ability to achieve a certain desired look or modify your body to any degree has been under a cloud of judgement for a long time. The taboo that accompanies undergoing any type of cosmetic procedure or surgery has become outdated, given the ability to source such procedures and how relatively straight-forward they have become. Simple cosmetic procedures, such as filler, are extremely popular, and relatively affordable depending on where you live and the level of experience your cosmetic nurse or doctor has. They can perform a myriad of facial enhancements, small things like nasal bridge bumps, thin or uneven lips, or underdefined jawlines.

The decision to undergo any type of cosmetic procedure isn’t something to take lightly. After having gone through around a year of considering getting lip injections, I decided to finally bite the bullet and got the procedure done this past June. I knew that I had wanted them for a long time but was wary of the possibility they could look unnatural or overdone. I was terrified of having an allergic reaction as I have super sensitive skin or being uncomfortable with how they looked. The key that I found out was to go with a trusted professional, ideally someone who had done the procedure to someone you knew and could attest to their skill. Although it may not seem overly difficult, injecting someone with a super small needle into skin requires a lot of skill to make sure the overall proportions of the face are balanced and the filler is spread out appropriately. Once you are lying back on the table and they have a needle in their hand, you need to make sure you already fully trust the person who is altering your face.

Living in an age with Instagram is actually a blessing in the sense that you can look at the page of a nurse or doctor to determine if you like their work and how well-known they are. Also, it can be helpful to choose a transformation photo from their portfolio that you like to give them an idea of the look you are going for. Ideally, you might choose someone with similar features to you so that you can get a better idea of what you might look like afterwards. You should never feel pressured to go over the amount of filler or injectables you are comfortable with and need to be vocal about what you want and are trying to avoid.

The downtime for these types of procedures tend to be quite minimal which is part of what makes them so appealing but if you are prone to bruising (like me) you can expect to swell and bruise a fair amount. I found the process itself to be quite uncomfortable, but not super painful which was the opposite of what I originally expected. The results, however, were totally worth any pain endured during the procedure. It was amazing that I could undergo one quick procedure and improve the balance of my face while finding new confidence in how my lips looked. Overall, I would say to anyone considering getting filler for the first time that you should do what makes you happiest and if that means undergoing a small cosmetic procedure to do, why not try it?

Emma Christie

Carleton '22

1st year Master's Student in Political Science at Carleton University. My interests are watching too many movies, global affairs, and being a cat lady in training.
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