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Frosh Life: First-Year Fashion

As summer comes to a close and we settle into our school routines, we are greeted with the crisp fall air. This means buying a new fall wardrobe, which to me feels like Christmas in September! September is a time to start fresh, with both school and your style. With the beginning of a new school year comes many opportunities to socialise and attend different events. Here are four outfits all comprised of the latest fall fashions from your favourite stores, that will be sure to turn heads for any occasion!

Going to Class

This outfit may very well be one of the most important outfits you will be wearing all year. You never know who you’ll be running into at school! This outfit is comfortable and stylish and it won’t break your bank account either.

I incorporated the trend of coloured denim that has been quite popular within the last year. Along with pastels, one of the most present colours I’ve been seeing lately is maroon denim, which is what I’ve suggested for this outfit. It’s a great colour for fall, and incredibly flattering. With the jeans I’ve paired a sheer off-white cami, and some gorgeous beige lace-up close-toed wedges. For jewellery I’ve suggested some vintage inspired pieces with a hint of white and pink in them. Lastly to tie the look together I found a beautiful brown leather satchel which is big enough for laptop and books but isn’t as boring as a regular backpack.

For hair I would suggest with long hair to tie it in a loose fishtail braid or just go for the loose curl; both give off a laidback casual look that is still fun. You’ll be sure to turn heads with this flirty and romantic look!

Bracelet  Earrings  Necklace  Ring  Shirt  Pants  Backpack  Shoes


Going to a Party

Going to your first party can be one of the most crucial times of your first year – after all, you’re meeting your classmates in a social non-academic setting. You’ll want to make a good impression! Parties and social outings in general are a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Dressing for parties can sometimes be the hardest thing to plan for; there is no actual dress code and it’s hard to gage what everyone else will be wearing because you don’t know who will be there. Lucky for you guys I’ve set you up with a fool proof outfit that will leave you looking stunning!

My suggestion is to start off with a black mini skirt, like this one with a crochet-pattern. It is subtle but still sets you aside from girls wearing plain black skirts. I suggested pairing it with a burgundy chiffon button up vest which can be worn either hanging loosely to dress down the skirt, or it can be worn tucked it or tied up above the skirt! This shirt also comes in turquoise which would also go well with this outfit. For jewellery I have blue accents for the bracelets which make the outfit more fun and less sophisticated, as well as a layered gold chain necklace and chandelier gold earrings. For shoes I listed some basic gold gladiator sandals that play up the outfit even more with their mixed in colors. For hair I would suggest loose waves which will give the vibe of being effortlessly beautiful, and will also play down the skirt/chiffon combo. This versatile outfit which can be adjusted to whatever setting you find yourself in is foolproof and will leave you looking gorgeous and fully able to nail that first impression!

Skirt  Shirt  Shoes  Ring  Bracelet 1  Bracelet 2  Necklace  Earrings


Clubbing in Hull

Living on your own and being a bus ride away from Quebec (where the legal drinking age is 18) makes for many opportunities to go clubbing across the border. There will certainly be more than one occasion when you are looking for an outfit to wear clubbing. Going out is a great way to cool off from the stresses of school and is also the perfect time to meet new people as well as bond with the ones you are just meeting.

This outfit is the perfect combination of feminine and flirty without looking off-putting. A lot of girls tend to wear black when they are going out, so I chose this stunning shade of pink for your first night out. Keep a bit of that summer heat alive by wearing bright colours! To pair with the pink racer back dress I included several pieces of gold jewellery which help dress up the outfit in a fun, glam way. To keep the outfit consistent I also suggested a pair of gold sparkly heels with a cute bow on the toe of the shoe. For hair I would suggested either pin-straight or loose waves which can be done easily by using a straightening iron. Add some killer makeup and gold nails and you’ll be all set for a great night out!

Dress  Necklace  Bracelet  Ring  Shoes  Belt


Exploring Ottawa

Most of you are living in residence, which makes it easy to get caught up in the routine of going to class, going to the cafeteria and heading back to your room to hangout. It’s important that you set aside some time aside and explore the city! Carleton is just one small part of Ottawa, and there’s so much out there to see! Ottawa has almost everything you could imagine doing or seeing and even after your four years here you will never run out of new things to explore. Venturing off campus for the first time can be kind of scary, especially if you’ve never been to this city before. So to help you ladies along, I’ve come up with an outfit that you will feel comfortable and confident in.

For bottoms I’ve suggested a classic pair of high-waisted light-wash jean shorts. These are comfortable and laidback but make your silhouette look great too. To pair with the shorts, any off-white tank top would go great and it’s very inexpensive as well! Accessories are fun with this outfit, because the short and tank top combo is pretty bare by itself so it’s important to play it up. A dark brown woven belt paired with layered textured bracelets, pearl earrings and a chain necklace ties it all together nicely. For the necklace I suggested a chain with a pocket-watch pendant which helps add to the laid-back bohemian feel of the outfit. Last but not least, a pair of rough suede brown ankle boots is a great addition to the outfit.

For hair, I would suggest tying it up in a loose bun on the very top of your head, even adding in a braid from the side into the bun to play it up even more. This outfit is a lot of fun and you’ll look great too; you’ll be ready to tackle anything the day throws at you!

Shorts  Top  Shoes  Belt  Earrings   Bracelet  Ring  Necklace

Meeting new people and making good first impressions are two things that are definitely on new students’ university checklists. Confidence is key, so make that your most prominent accessory and you’ll be comfortable in any situation (although cute outfits help as well)!

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