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Colin Fernandes ’14

Name: Colin Fernandes
Hometown: Ottawa
Major/Year: Engineering Physics '14
Relationship Status: Single

Tell me a little bit about yourself. I love my friends, I love fitness, and I love sports. I am really active, I spend a lot of time at the gym here. Just taking care of myself and having a good time I guess. I love to enjoy life.

What other activities do you enjoy? I’m teaching myself guitar right now and I’ve recently started working on singing. I love music.

What’s something you think you would do differently than most people in relationships? I take all of my relationships very, very seriously. If I’m going to have someone be my girlfriend, I put a lot of effort into making them feel special.

What is something you’ll never understand about women? You know when girls like to call each other on the phone and they talk for hours about mindless stuff?

Describe your best date. I work at Starbucks and I met [this girl] as my shift ended. We started talking and we ended up talking for a couple of hours. It was one in the morning, so we went and got a pizza at this place nearby. We kept talking and went to a park with the pizza and some Tim Hortons and spent the whole night just talking. We watched the sunrise together. That was the [first] night we met each other.

What does a guy do to let a girl know they’re into them? I think that if a guy is actually really into a girl they’ll change their schedule up a bit and they’ll make sure that they see that girl or run into her. They want to see her because she is just the best part of their day.  

What do you look for in a girl? I look for honesty and integrity. A girl has to be really down to earth, has to have an easy-going personality. They just really have to be honest and they have to be able to talk about everything. I don’t like games.

Where’s your favorite place to be on campus? I love the Fieldhouse. I probably spend five hours a week there playing soccer, going for a run, or just stretching. Either there or just a little quiet corner somewhere with a friend, just talking.

What is the first thing you notice about a woman? What I’m really drawn to is girls that have radiant smiles and eyes. You look at them and they have that glow and confidence. I’m definitely attracted to that.

How important is personality? If I can’t stand the girl, I will not deal with them. They have to be somebody who is not only a really good friend to me, but they have to get along with my friends and they’d have to be a really good person or else I would not put up with them. Personality is everything.

Do you think most men value personality over physical attraction? No. Not at all. Especially at this age, a lot of guys don’t care as much. At this time in their lives it’s like 50/50. I feel like it’s equal.

What is a deal breaker for you? Smoking. If you are smoking a cigarette, literally, I could think you are like the bomb of a girl, and if I see you smoking a cigarette I’m like, “Cool, you are now a dude.” I just find cigarettes to be disgusting.

What do you think of cheating? I have never cheated on a girl. I would never cheat on a girl. I’ve actually rejected a girl because I found out she cheated in a previous relationship.

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