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The Best Study Spots at Carleton

Studying; it’s a blessing and a bane.  Exam time means that papers are over and that the end of the semester, in this case, the academic year, is fast approaching.  However, the most difficult part about studying is finding that perfect study spot.  Somewhere that isn’t overly populated, loud or distracting - which for many people usually means the library. 

Luckily, Carleton’s library has finished with the majority of its renovations.  An overwhelming number of new study spots have been created to suit a variety of learning styles including the Discovery Centre, the Silent Floors (third and fifth floor for those of you who do not know) and the main level complete with couches and outlets. And the building is open for 24 hours during finals.   

But if you don’t feel like hiding out in the most stereotypical exam hang out, especially since it’s overloaded with stressed out students, take a peek at this list to locate a new venue for reviewing those class notes.          

1)    Loeb Building

It’s a little out of the way unless you have a class or tutorial in the building but it’s a veritable paradise of study spots.  The main floor that connects to two sets of tunnels has several locations that are more than serviceable for studying.  There are comfortable padded chairs that circle the centre of Loeb which houses an elevator and bathrooms.  Another space for studying includes tables that seat four people bordered on one side by a staircase that leads down to a larger area complete with booth style workspaces.  One level below the sunny and bright high-backed couches is the Loeb Cafe, a well kept food secret on campus.  Also, on the ground floor of Loeb, which can easily be reached by the main staircase to the left of the steps leading to the cafe, is a clean, quiet space equipped with two person desks outlets and windows.  To finish off Loeb, the top floor which provides easy access outside is also well suited to studying with more outlets, comfortable seating and natural lighting. 

2)    Your Department

You may not know that your program is keeping something from you, potentially a resource that could solve your search for the perfect place to study in a snap.  Several degrees on campus have their own study lounges which can be accessed only by those enrolled in that specific program.         

3)    Your Caffeine Fix

You may not want to study in the library but near it might be okay.  Due to the recent opening of Page Break, MacOdrum’s personal Starbucks you can now grab your double shot expresso and work right through the night.  Or maybe you’re looking for a more relaxed getaway, then the Tim Horton’s in River Building should be up your alley.  It’s close to the river and the picnic tables so you can pick up your Iced Cap and head straight outside.  The sounds of the river can act as white noise that may improve your concentration while studying.    

4)    River Building

If you don’t fancy wearing sunscreen or you’re easily chilled then enjoy the view of the river from the third floor of River.  The couches there soak up the sun’s rays and feel like nice, warm pillows.  Perhaps this is more a place to relax than to study but if you need a quick nap this is the place to go. 

Now stop procrastinating and go study!  Good luck on your exams Ravens!

I am a third year student double majoring in humanities and English. I love to drink tea, talk to people, and write.
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