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Balancing Life and Work

At times, balance seems impossible.  In fact, it is impossible.  Balance is a fantasy perpetuated by women’s magazines, the Internet and this strange, manmade concept we call time. Work/Life balance is non-existent.  It never has and never will be a reality.  Some women may appear to have it all, but there are always sacrifices and compromises involved in their seemingly perfect lives.


Women have to learn to speak up to get what they want according to Sheryl Sandberg’s book that is aptly titled, “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead.”  The first chapter deals with the important question of what would we dare to try and triumph at if we were not so afraid of failure.  That’s what life balance is truly about, finding that spot within yourself that will allow you to accept who you are and what you want. 

Balance is about achieving that peace of mind and discovering your own inner sanctuary that is rooted in your passions, your desires and your dreams. 

Perfection is unattainable and rightly so.  Without the ideal of perfection that is portrayed in movies or depicted in books, how else would we know that what we’re doing and how we’re feeling is completely normal?

Great women get stressed.  Sometimes they rage, cry or try to laugh their pain, anger and other ‘unsightly’ emotions away, but that doesn’t help them find balance.  Hiding your feelings is counterintuitive to finding your balance.

Balance requires that both sides of the scale are equal.  You cannot load up your emotional scales with your roommate’s school problems, your sorority sister’s break up or your TA’s power trip and leave no room for your own ups and downs. 

Follow these two easy steps to tip those scales back to balance mode and learn how to maintain your equilibrium at University.

1. Sort out your priorities.

You are at university first and foremost to receive an education.Keep academics in the forefront of your mind throughout the week. Even though it may be tempting to sleep through that early morning discussion group, don’t give in to that thought. You’ll kick yourself later when you find out that your TA gives out participation marks if you just show up to the tutorial.

You might also find it to be difficult to stay off of social media sites during class.

Well, this is just a reminder that what popped up on your ex-boyfriend’s Facebook feed won’t be on your final exam this semester so, block those sites and pay attention.

Yes, you might miss a party or two, and no, you probably won’t spend every minute of the day with your friends making memories that will last a lifetime. However, you will gain the opportunity to continue interacting with said university friends on a daily basis as long as you keep your grades up.

Make your academics a matter of pride.When you walk across the stage during you Convocation ceremony know that all of that hard work has paid off and you earned that degree; it was all you.

2. Relax.

Yes, that is my advice. Breathe. Take a deep breath and then let it out.While academics should be your top priority university would not be the wonderful experience it is without extracurriculars, social interaction and perhaps even a romance or two.


This is your time. It’s time to explore your passions and discover what makes you tick.Life is about examining, evaluating and accepting who you are in this moment, and in the next.It’s an adventure, whether you live off campus or in residence you will be exposed to a variety of paths to take. Choose one or choose three, it’s all up to you.

Don’t forget to live while you’re at university because these four or five years can be great times and easy to miss if you don`t pay attention. The next four years can be the source of many fond memories, but only if you learn to balance your life.

To tell you the truth, I cannot tell you how to balance your life; only you know what will work for you. You are the mistress of your fate and the master of your destiny.It’s up to you which way your scale tips, just remember that if it leans in your favour that’s all right. In fact, it’s down right okay to take regular time out of your day or week just for you. After all, there is only one you, isn’t that true?

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I am a third year student double majoring in humanities and English. I love to drink tea, talk to people, and write.
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