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5 Unique Indoor Activities for Your Social Bubble

When it comes to safe indoor activities, you’ve probably tried most of them during the course of the pandemic. Whether it’s been baking your own sourdough bread, binge-watching The Queen’s Gambit, or learning one or two viral dances from the internet, if you’re anything like me, you might be itching to do something new. Here are 5 indoor activities that you can do with your social bubble.

Collage Night

Grab some poster board, scissors and glue, and as many stacks of old newspapers, magazines, and catalogues as you can. Then go to town on cutting out words and images to create a fun collage! They can be fashion-inspired, bucket list travel destinations, or even just completely random and fun. Need ideas? Here’s some inspo.

Make a Charcuterie Board

If you don’t have a large charcuterie board or cutting board, try lining your kitchen table with parchment paper or tin foil! Then have some fun with creating the charcuterie board of your dreams. It doesn’t have to just include meat, cheese, and crackers, either! Put some gummy worms on there if you want to! 

The food fun doesn’t have to end there. How about a fancy nacho platter? A make-your-own pizza or sushi roll night? Take-out’s got nothing on your social bubble’s culinary expertise.

Make a Miniature House

Miniature house-making kits are so adorable! I mean, c’mon, this mini greenhouse lights up inside! You can easily find kits on websites like Amazon or other major retailers. If you’re not down to purchase a professional kit, an alternative is simply buying a Lego set (it says ages 9+ for a reason!). Or, you can completely DIY it like Matty did for Jenna in 13 Going on 30 (this link contains spoilers for the movie, btw!).

Do some fake nails

You can pick up some fake nails and glue from your local drugstore or dollar store and open up your own nail salon right in your living room! My tip is to make sure you’ve got plenty of nail polish remover handy and to be *extremely* careful when applying them. Also, try not to plan anything too hands-on afterwards. There’s nothing quite like trying to arrange cubes of cheese on a charcuterie board or cutting out pictures of Zendaya from a magazine with super long, semi-dry nails. 

Presentation Night

You’ve probably seen this on TikTok, but if you haven’t, the idea is that each participant makes a Powerpoint slideshow on a completely random or funny topic and presents it to the group. Topics can really be anything, ranging from “My Friends as Types of Bread” or “Ten Reasons Why Michelle and Barack Should Adopt Me.” The key is to just have fun with it and to make your presentation as convincing as possible!

Whether you’re missing hubbub of a restaurant or the comfort of settling in a movie theatre seat, these indoor activities will be sure to give you and your social bubble a fun night to remember.

Rianna Lim

Carleton '23

Rianna Lim is a journalism and political science double major at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. She is a Her Campus National Writer and the 2021-22 Senior Editor for Her Campus at Carleton (and loving it!). She is a passionate reader, London fog lover, and baseball fan. Be sure to send her your book recommendations and follow her on Instagram @riannaway!
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