5 Things To (Virtually) Do With Friends This Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, the winter term in full swing, and COVID-19 restrictions in place for most areas, feeling connected to those close to us might be a little difficult right now. This far into the pandemic, I’m sure you’ve done nearly every activity possible over Zoom from paint nights to movie nights on Netflix party and they may be getting a little overdone. Here are 5 entertaining activities to virtually do with friends, or a significant other, to feel connected and make this Valentine’s Day special! 

  1. 1. Bake Night

    Baking has no doubt become a popular hobby during the pandemic, however, sharing the fun with friends has been difficult. A virtual bake night is not only fun but also easy to organize! All you need to do is round up some friends, decide on a recipe, join a call, and have fun baking!

  2. 2. Game Night

    Nothing is more fun than a little competition and a virtual game or trivia night allows you to compete with friends while staying safe. Games like Cards Against Humanity and Codenames have virtual versions for an entertaining night filled with games.


  3. 3. Presentation Night

    It may have been done already but that doesn’t make it any less fun. You can choose to have a theme or have everyone choose a random topic, get together, and present whatever you want. Works great over Zoom and leads to loads of laughs!

  4. 4. Shopping Spree

    Let’s be real: online shopping has been a go-to activity during this pandemic. And though we can’t be with friends to physically go shopping, joining a call with some friends while browsing online and sharing deals is a pretty close second.

  5. 5. Arts Night

    Whether it be a simple craft like the ones we all did in grade school, a Bob Ross Paint Night, or maybe even a talent show, an arts night will no doubt help you and your friends have a memorable Valentine’s and you’ll get some pretty great memories out of it. 

  6. 6. Karaoke Night

    Whether you sing along to the newest songs or your favourite throwbacks, a night of singing along with friends is a night well spent. In addition to the countless karaoke sing-alongs on YouTube, many websites like Karafun have karaoke catalogs for all genres and eras of music. Karaoke is fun and easy to set up for a night filled with singing with your closest friends! 

And if all else fails, a night to recharge and treat yourself to a spa day never hurts. Whatever you choose to do for Valentine's, whether with friends, a significant other, or by yourself, don’t forget to check in with anyone that may be feeling a bit isolated and stay safe. 

All of these ideas have endless possibilities, whether it be deciding on a recipe or a game, to sharing hidden talents and presenting funny slideshows. Regardless of which idea (or ideas) you choose to do, you and your friends are guaranteed a fun and memorable night of reconnecting.