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6 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Girlfriends

Valentine’s day needn't be a day for despair but a day to celebrate freedom and independence with your girlfriends - in other words the perfect excuse to party. Whether it be a cheeky night out to show the guys what they’re missing, or a girly night in, here’s a few budget ideas to use and enjoy the night as a single girl! 

1.       The Bridget Jones drinking game

Ensure there is plenty of wine and nibbles and get the girls round for this staple chick flick. Take a sip if Bridget: consumes alcohol, smokes, or exhibits depression. Take a shot if Bridget: Swears, gets frisky, mentions her weight or visibly writes in her diary. You get the idea, and you can add rules of your own. We can all relate to the calamities of Bridget and a drinking game to celebrate them is a lot more fun than a lone replication of the famous ‘All by Myself’ wine-chugging scene. 

2.       Tea party

If drinking isn’t your cup of tea, try hosting a quaint English tea party. Scones, jam, dressing up and pretending you’re in a real life Austen novel are all cute and fun ways to have a ball without getting tipsy!

3.       Makeover party

There must be a ton of makeup and other beauty products between you and your girlfriends, so stick some tunes on, pull your stock together and you’ve got the materials for a hilarious makeover night. Sharing beauty tips and getting a cute photo or two extends way beyond Valentine’s Day!

4.       Plan your girls summer holiday

What better way to get excited about the year ahead than by booking the perfect get away. Many January sales are extended throughout February so if you haven’t quite exhausted your first loan instalment, pop into a travel agent and plan your next adventure. Travel firms such as STA offer great value to groups and exclusive offers for students.

5.       Clothes swap party

We all say we ‘have nothing to wear’ even if our wardrobes are bursting with untouched outfits. Revive your closet without pushing the overdraft by swapping unwanted clothes and accessories with your friends. Make a night out of it and get everyone to bring a bottle round!

6.       Girls night out

Obviously, there’s always a girls night out on the town. Beware that the population of a Valentine’s night out tends to be on the desperate side, but stick with the girls and let your hair down and you're sure to have a fabulous night. 


Second year English Literature student at Cardiff University
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