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Chelsea Mizell: A Night to “Everember”

August 31st 2011 was a night to “Everember”, they are Christian Rock band and Campbell University’s Ignite played host to their first stop on their first ever tour. After an unforgettable performance, I was blessed to sit down with Chelsea Mizell and Aaron Collins from Everember for a brief interview. 

Everember got their name from Isaiah 6:6-7 which discusses God’s Grace. They are out of little Washington, North Carolina and the band consists of five members. Everember’s lead singer is Andy Bowen 19, back up vocal and keys by Chelsea Mizell 19, Lead guitar by Aaron Collins 19, bass by Kevin Oliver 16, and the Drummer is Alex Bowen 17. Although these members are very young what they lack in age, they make up for in talent. Opening the show was Andy and Alex’s little brother, Avery Bowen who is only a mere 12 years old, he blew us away with his amazing dancing skills. I cannot even describe his talent. I was left in complete awe by the talent and skill this group possesses. They met by fate at a talent show three years and as they say, the rest is history, Everember has been writing and singing music ever since. Andy Bowen writes most of the lyrics, “Andy writes all of the songs, he has the skill of writing holy words on paper” quoted Chelsea Mizell about her fiancé Andy. Although Andy writes all the lyrics the other members write their own parts, for example Alex writes his own drum parts, Aaron writes his own guitar parts, ect. It is truly amazing hearing how everyone sounds together after writing their own individual part. 

Even though this is their first tour their ultimate goal is, “to be a self sustaining ministry for God, be open to God’s doors, leave everything in god’s hands, let Him take over, and not take it too seriously, but to always have fun and remember why we are here” Stated Chelsea in regard to what Everember desires as their outcome. When asked about how being in this band has made an impact on your faith Aaron Collins commented, “It has gotten me more comfortable to be on stage, and I feel the presence of God. I want to use what God has given me. Everyone in this band just brings so much to the table and I am just so blessed”. Immediately following this statement Chelsea added “he is exactly right, you realize it’s not the stage, the lights, or the performance; it’s the praising God and the accountability through all of this. You realize everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and it has also taught me a lot about loving and serving in a leadership position”, this is very true you feel God when you seen them perform. It is not hard to comprehend that God has such an amazing plan for them as individuals, as well as a band. 

Everember’s tour started in Buies Creek, North Carolina and ends in Valparaiso, Indiana. I highly recommend going to see one of their shows. Although this is only their first tour I know it will not be their last. The hand of God has blessed them and they are on the road to inspire and bless the lives of many. I feel very touched to have been able to get to know the band and see them perform. I am so proud of each of them. Chelsea Mizell was a student at Campbell before going on tour with Everember and now look at her. Life is a funny thing, you never know where it might lead you, so fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride.

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